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Byron Joe David Da-veed Reply

Let’s get it done against the Saints next Sunday night the Seahawks were garbage

    Double A Reply

    Hope so, man. Wasn’t overly impressed with the win against the Fins. A lot of stupid, unnecessary flags. Close to 120 yards of penalties? Can’t do that agsint a team like Saints with or without Brees. But we beat them last year…

    D smi Reply


    colton cash Reply

    @D smi a win is a win

jarjon76 Reply

Here before the spoiled fans who will nitpick a 31-6 blowout win.

    da Star Reply

    jarjon76 that’s right because most think the games are supposed to run smoothly as if the other teams aren’t using pros.

    Reckless Matt Reply

    Omar Ramirez more like the 2nd quarter. We had 10 point in the 1st quarter which is pretty good.

    SouthernOregonGrown Reply

    The first half was a little concerning. The Second half But the defense got pressure, and the run game grinding the defense out!

    dave wilson Reply

    true you’re damn either way

    Gabriel Carrasco Reply

    @da Star That’s why there’s four quarters. Dolphins used all of their tricks in the first half. Onside kick and flea flicker, and some reverses. Dallas didn’t play well in the first half. But they did what a better team was supposed to do and annihilated them in the 2nd half. I knew that Dallas was pissed heading into the locker room at half time, and knew Richard and Marinelli tore into them.

Big Jay Reply

Dak and Cooper needs to get paid

Daniel Allman Reply

Through the first 3 games in my opinion the defense hasn’t play good enough yet. They defense must play better if we are going to beat teams with great offenses.

    Kamu Ela Reply

    %100 agree

    Gabriel Carrasco Reply

    I agree, but the crazy part is despite how poorly they have looked they are 5th in scoring defense. A lot of defenses aren’t playing well right now outside of the Bears and Packers.

    intender4good Reply

    Keeping opponents under 17 is going to win them every game.

brussell639 Reply

I’m really starting to like the cowboys’ white “color rush” uniform. I especially like these white pants paired with the blue jersey. It looks so much better than the grey pants they wear with the blues.

House of Mods210 Reply

Slow start but the game is 60mins so it’s how you finish… and we made tune outta those Dolphins

Adam Johnston Reply

I was thinking they’ll do more with Pollard next week against the Saints, but I’m wondering if we may save it for the Packers at this point. I guarantee there’s a lot more in Kellen’s playbook we haven’t seen yet because our early schedule is so weak. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us later in the season.

    Gabriel Carrasco Reply

    Can’t afford to hold onto plays. Hold onto them only until the opportunity presents itself, but Saints are still a good team.

    Stone Cold Reply

    @Gabriel Carrasco Actually there’s things you don’t want to put on tape too early if you don’t need to. Peaking too early is real

bryan casillas Reply

It needs to be said….that guy with glasses….what the f!#$?

    BeefyToast Reply

    They both have glasses..

Joey Jeffrey Reply

Slow starts are a coaching problem.

Linda Easley Reply

The slow starts are concerning.I don’t know what it is that makes them play cold in the first quarter to 2nd quarter but its got to stop.Elite teams play hard all 4 quarters . Can’t afford to take the first half off against winning teams

    DaMonsta2487 Reply

    Linda Easley it was only the 1nd quarter this game. They dominated the 1st, 3rd, n 4th

    DaMonsta2487 Reply

    I’ll take starting off slow and dominating 2nd halfs any day rather than the other way around

Il Tack Bae Reply

I hope Amari doesn’t continue his dropping.

fattony48 Reply

I’m pretty sure Jerry is pissed at being 3-0!

Arty Munoz Reply

The defense hasn’t played like they have played in the past.
That’s concerning
Defense wins rings

    Stone Cold Reply

    I’m a little concerned too. why do you think that is? I wonder if they get over hyped and it goes to their heads a little

    D smi Reply

    this team flip flops every year… its dumb… doesn’t even matter if the personal changes it still happens.. if defense is good one year and offense is god awful… the next year the offense is gonna be lights out and defense is gonna struggle..

NoxZero Reply

imagine if Zeke were still holding out and Pollard had 3 100 yard games thanks to his talent and the offense opening up the field.

Calvin Adams Reply

Nate was in carthage Texas watching them bulldogs Friday night Go cowboys Win

Adrian Soto Reply

Dallas still in need of a pass rush because DLaw is Nowhere to be found. He is so average

Adam Camacho Reply

Our pass rush has to step up, amari has to catch every pass. And dak has to stop overthrowing.

Stone Cold Reply

@ 18:30 The other team was so bad it caused our oline to hold? that’s a tough sell to me.

jrod2422ify Reply

A real test next week. The saints played really good against Seattle. Let’s go boys

Jayson Wigley Reply

Bryan wilting away, not like Taco though. Bryan has heart. Haha

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