Cowboys OT: Dak’s Offensive Dominates NY Giants | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Justin D

Pay Dak!!

Matthew Fisher

Go cowboys

Ferman Jackson Jr

Cowboys looked good in the season opener.

Theressa Kimbrough

What a difference play calling does! Dak gonna show everybody what he workin with 👊

    Daniel Rodriguez

    U like cowboys too👍

Erick Zamora

Dak is a straight up leader say no mo

    I am Free

    Thank you… Nuff said!!✌✌🤙🤙

Efrain Mendoza

Cowboys in fire . Let’s go cowboys

shane peterman

Barkley makes every defense look average trying to tackle him, he’s Barry Sanders 2.0

    Henry Hill

    I’m duet hard cowboys fan and I live Zeke. But Berkeley is better back. It’s a shame Giants going to waste his years .

    Angelo Peyton

    @Henry Hill facts no hate against Zeke. I said it in college also


    Yea Barkley is a beast. If we had him and zeke with pollard returning kicks man we would be number 1 offense

Maverick Cater

So what’s the excuse for daks perfect qbr


    The haters will just say he has weapons around him to help him out.

    Maverick Cater

    Jabukufo he does have good weapons but they can’t do there stuff if he can’t get the ball to them so yea he’s a better qb then what people say he is

    I am Free

    They still lookin for excuses bro!!😆😆😆

Mitch Rogers

Patriots Vs Cowboys in the Super Bowl. That would be crazy

Retro Future 84-

I knew we would work the giants like they stole something. I knew Dak would have a strong showing, especially from what I seen in the pre-season. There’s just something different about him this year. He seems to be playing angry or with something to prove.

    Henry Hill

    It’s the play caller Moore is a genuis. No more b.s calls from Scott.

    Mr. Smith TV

    Dak is zipping the ball in, thanks to Jon Kitna told him to let it go so he has power in his throws.

Bigdog 3004

Good start. D needs to do better.

Henry Hill

Thank the living god Scott not calling plays anymore. This is what us cowboy fans knew what could happen with a real play caller . This team is stacked everywhere on offense. Going to be really hard to stop this team.

Marco Vazquez

This TEAM finally Jerry has made a PHOTOCOPY of JIMMY Johnson way to WIN Superbowls


    Jimmy likes to mention that he had #1 ranked defense. Imo the cowboys should be top 5 defense in 2019.


I was expecting more from the Dline to be honest. No preseason work from Crawford, Dlaw.

    Rodney Orta

    They were on a pitch count. They will play more next week.


    Quinn has a 2 game suspension. He is the replacement for gregory.

Andrew Campbell

low key Giants offensive line good…

google must_die

Offensive weapons look good. Run defense not so much.

    Steven Pringle

    55 looking to avoid contact. Giants picked on him pretty good on the first possession. You won’t hear about from Broadus.

Steven Pringle

Question? Have teams found a weak link in Cowboys run defense? 55 hasn’t looked solid for several games.

G6tha1 BelenII

Cowboys 13-3 superbowl Champs


Let’s go dak take us to the Superbowl

Mr. Smith TV

Dak is throwing his balls with more zip in it and he has 3 great wrs, the best trio in the league.

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