Cowboys OT: Dak & The Offensive Continue To Roll | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Randy Giles Reply

Could you turn up the bed music? I think I might have heard 30 seconds of the commentary.

    Shawn Hardin Reply

    Dude I’m like wtf is going on here

    kristoffer Wright Reply

    Randy Giles right!

Bobby Franklin Reply

. Music loud. But you can’t hear what the people are saying

John Tatum Reply

Good job by Devin Smith…on the long pass…Dak was amazing after the first quarter! Good to see Zeke running like of old. Defense looked good in spots…but pass rush could be better.

    Mulder25j Reply

    Devin Smith, it appears, run better routes than #13. Never did he have to adjust to the ball. Dak threw a strike. Smith was right there to catch it. Hopefully, he stays healthy.

Goodbread Johnson Reply

Please don’t add music to these discussions. Rookie mistake by the editor.

Buck Norris Reply

Again, what is up with the loud intro and outro background music? Plus the music on the videos are TOOO loud it covers up the commentators voices. Please turn it down or get a new video editor who doesn’t think these videos are movies!

PatRiot Reply

Yeah guys, great video, but your background music is too loud!

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

The loud music is so uncalled for and completely UNPROFESSIONAL!

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

Looking forward to Robert Quinn giving us a pass rush

Donovan Reply

Seriously, stop with the Music… please. It’s terrible.

lasay inchrist Reply

Did you hear that Jerry Jones drop Mika Fitzpatrick off to the Cowboys

Joel Blagg Reply

This video is almost completely unwatchable because of the music.

Bishman Reply

The background music is TOO loud and makes this video UNWATCHABLE. Cmon Cowboys social media staff. You gotta do better.

Kevin Porter Reply

His int was caused by pressure up the middle, making him throw late and across his body. Joe Looney For Starter!!

Kevin Porter Reply

Norman is faster than Dak, he did what he was supposed to do!

Banter Reply

Yeah, the music was loud but the shots up Lindsey’s dress made the video watchable.

    Miss Tee Reply

    Banter pervert🙄

Tyler Mccumbee Reply

Why even add the music? I clicked on the video to hear the commentary. Not random loud music fading in and out covering up half the discussion lol

Omar Jimenez Reply

Whoever the editor and the director is for these videos needs to be fired. How can you put music let alone music that loud over the commentators?! It’s not even necessary this isn’t ESPN top 10.

Other than that, the game turned around when Tyrone got that sack and then the offense started to shred the defense. But our defense really needs to get off the field earlier and create some three and outs. Yeah the stats say the conversions were good on our side but they had them in a few long yardage situations and the redskins converted those too easily. I don’t like a bend don’t break defense when it keeps them on the field more than necessary.

Happy to have a 2-0 record though especially when it’s a division record as well.

jarjon76 Reply

Why is the music so damn loud on these shows? The new producer needs to learn what volume is.

Marke Sertalkink Reply

The MUSIC, really? Knock it OFF! Too LOUD!

William Becker Reply

who ever is running the sound board needs to be fired music drowns out the guys

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