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James Simmons

Defense got to play better we need to put the puzzle together defense and offense 50/50 can win game’s

Anthony D. Jackson, Jr.

The run defense was horrible again.

Henry Hill

This organization is a living disaster.

Henry Hill

Find a new kicker and head coach asap.

Brian Waller

This team has been plagued by the same problems for years despite a while roster change over. Poor execution, lack of discipline, costly penalties and turnovers. Who’s the common denominator here?

Brian Waller

Poorly coached team. Same problem for years.


Turnovers, penalties and vs the refs

James Sorrells

Jerry, why did you push the best thing that ever happened to this organization out the door years ago?


    No way you are talking about romo here

    David Cantu

    @?????? Jimmy Johnson…


    David Cantu why bring that up tho I thought that’s what he meant too


    He talking about bailey our old kicker

    James Sorrells

    Yah, was talkin about Jimmy Johnson y’all.

Wayne Jeffery

People are complaining about Zeke but Zeke was on the way to a big game, turnovers and the score slowed him down


    Wayne Jeffery exactly

    Magnus Samuelson

    Yeah I don’t know who is complaining about zeke, whoever is doesn’t know anything about football. Win as a team, lose as a team and I admire the fight at the end. Just can’t dig a hole for ourselves just to try to come out of it in the end.

    John Davis

    You 100 correct Elliot played well today tony pollard played well too

Justin Curry

“Football is two things. It’s blocking and tackling. I don’t care about formations or new offenses or tricks on defense. You block and tackle better than the team you’re playing, you win.”
-Vince Lombardi

PortcityCowboy 85

Well we ain’t been good stopping the run for sometime now… last year the Colts exposed we can’t stop the run and now the entire nfl know now we’re in trouble.

    Linda Easley

    Even though Jets are a crap team, I am concerned Bell will get 200 yards

Philip DuBeau

fire clapper now

Nintengo 1985

Jaylon Smith swiping in the redzone while we are down three scores sums up this ENTIRE TEAM.

Philip DuBeau

the least of this team’s problems is the kicker

Vernon Andrews

Until we get a true, Line-anchoring 1 tech DT, we will continue to get gashed wearing down all levels of our defense.

    Magnus Samuelson

    I agree.

Steven Pringle

Notice Brians excitement when the Cowboys lose. He is the opposite when they win.

Jaime Echegaray

Gameplan should focused on staying on the ground using Zeke avoiding Rodgers on the field, but Mr. Clapper failed again. Time for him to go.

Hoan Nguyen

How are you missed the field goal kicks when all you do is kick.

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