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WholeMeal Bug


Santiago Yera

I have a good feeling about this season


    I had a feeling too but it turned out to be a bowel movement!

    cody ツ

    Santiago Yera me too. Excited.

Wally hvac life G

Any die hard cowboys fan will now our team is headed somewhere big

    ETC Mob.

    Oh yeah! Because we’ve advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs SO MANY times since 1995, and we’ve made the playoffs 2 years in a row under Garrett a million times. SMH.

    Ryan S

    ETC Mob. Why are you talking about the past? This is a brand new season brand new team… why even cheer for them if you’re so pessimistic?

    Timothy Contreras JR

    Yes sir Go cowboys

Joe King

Hoping with Moore as the OC it will open up the offense

Michael Hawkins

I love joe Looney, he is a character glad he is with the cowboys 🙂 i forgot, have we done a deal yet with looney? if not we need to 🙂

ETC Mob.

All this hype means one thing; we ARE NOT making the playoffs.


    Screw ur negativity! Go take a long walk off a short pier

    da Star

    They did this same type of hype before their first Super Bowl season but social media was your nightly news and Cowboys specials on TV that you probably missed. There’s similarities too at a lot of positions with the QB taking a lot of criticism. Dak gets criticized a lot, back then the debated was about Troy and wanting a Dan Marino instead until Troy won that first Super Bowl. I used to listen to sports day and night and I thought the fans was crazy back then too. I’m not saying they’ll win this year because health plays the biggest role but this a very good team that can win it all.

    Brian Waller

    If this team does not make the playoffs you bet there will be some house cleaning done with the coaching staff

Zachary Carrasco

Dallas Cowboys should play without Ezekiel Elliott and put Tony Pollard on the field against Giants. To have Ezekiel Elliott go practice get into football shape.

Ralph Ramos

That’s sad what he saying and it’s true to

Ralph Ramos

I just hope my brother made it 74

Alex Alvarado

Im so ready for sunday


She should have used another term. ‘Quest for Six’ was already used by San Fran a few years ago.

    Felony Strutter

    What makes you think she wrote it and most 49ers fans stopped following them a long time ago

Slum 210 Hood

Miami here we come Mr. Lombardi we’re ready to lift you high.


I want to be Joe Looney’s best friend

Imposter Syndrome

I want Joe Looney to always be a part of the Cowboys organization. He’s just the best.

da Star

This could be a very special year and you know that’s what the fans want. Go Cowboys!

Lorenzo Richardson

This is so our year man! We’ve got this!

da Star

Joe Looney is an excellent team representative that would be great in commercials. One of the best sports personalities I’ve ever seen and I can easily picture him in a booth.

Saul Tarsus

I have not seen a team this stacked and young since the early 90’s….There is no reason why they shouldn’t be in the mix at playoff time….

j mert_58

Looney is one of my favorite players.

Felony Strutter

FINALLY!!! FINALLY a great intro that ties in our history “We can beat anybody”- CHARLIE WATERS QUOTE FROM 1975

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