Cowboys Insider: Dolphin Drama & Determination | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Insider: Dolphin Drama & Determination | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Lindsay Draper brings you the big storylines from Week 3 at The Star: the club releasing a first-round pick, a new addition to the roster, moving to 3-0 on the season and what Jason Garrett wants the mindset to be for Week 4 in New Orleans.

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Alberto Ortiz Reply

This will a hard game but not that hard we DALLAS COWBOYS will dak attack and zeke will say feed me more and our defense will scare teddy with alot of pressure

    Creepy Closet Reply

    The pass rush has to step up this game especially because saints o line arent slackers

    Alberto Ortiz Reply

    @Creepy Closet they r slackers foo teddy will get sacked many times man believe THAT Dallas is coming to dominate at there home stadium Dallas 4-0 baby

    JVersic Reply

    @Creepy Closet just stop, because if we lose it’ll be an upset. The Saint won’t be a walk in the Park. This will be the Cowboys true Test of Kellen Moore era over Linehan Era. This will show if we have what it takes to beat a good team.

Angel Rosario Reply

Praying for this kid. God bless!

Whip Tech Reply

Taco will be fine. He will certainly learn that playing in Dallas with a nickname like Taco is farrrrr more lucrative long term. All you have to do is realize the branding opportunity lost. Not smart. He will see later in life.

    Creepy Closet Reply

    It’s mostly feeling bad that he left but we’re good without him

John Mathis Reply

Great team chemistry!

Antbeast23 Reply

Reached on Taco. Took position of need instead of best player available

    Tyler Main Reply

    He had the potential just bad for taco that he couldn’t play right end. He is a good left end but dlaw is way better an no sense in having a rotational guy be paid big money.

Not 670 Reply

0:20 Then why did you let him draft Taco or TJ Watt?

Raudi Juan Reply

I’m surprised these videos don’t get more views. The production value is amazing.

STAR11111 Reply

Shout out to Devin Smith. Happy he is wearing that Star.

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

Why do I feel like I’ve seen all this footage already?

Ogs Rollin Reply

damn Lindsay so fine.

    MyTxMyGun Reply

    She needs to take that damn jacket off

David Cantu Reply

Kudos to D Smith, hope he stays healthy and keeps having success, kid looks like the real deal!!

Francisco Garza Reply

This show is awesome!!! Ilove it and GO COWBOYS!! 4LIFE!!!

Jim Hollywood Reply

Cowboys Insider. Nicely done. Look forward to these.

James K Reply

I could seriously watch behind the scenes Cowboys footage nonstop and endlessly. This is just gold to me…

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