Cowboys Game Night: Second Haft Surge | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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S.D. Madman Reply

It’s the Dallas Cowboys, it’s the brand, it’s the STAR!! Merica’!! — Amari Cooper

    Derrick Berry Reply

    That went over some heads. I get what u saying tho.

StunnaCole Reply

Boy Jerry Jones smart, keep bringing these die hard cowboy fans in to play for the team

    mateo lopez Reply

    StunnaCole FANS…….???????????hemmm.

    StunnaCole Reply

    @mateo lopez what don’t u understand

Rodon Howard Reply

Rising of the Two Headed Beast!!!!!!! cowboysforlife!!!!!!

Eyes Afire Reply

I thought the show was well done especially considering how short of time they had to do it. Lindsay looks like she’s the hardest working person in the media department, Go Lindsay!

Eyes Afire Reply

Elliott and Tony look like a very nice one to punch at running back.

    Pens Suck Reply

    “nice one to punch” — adds a whole new meaning

webmillions Reply

The Boys are Back in Town! 🤘🏻

Robovillars Villars Reply

Yeah big cat,this team is going places! Wooooooooyeah

Johnny Reply

Hope Quinn balls out the rest of the year.



Zachary Taylor Reply

They should offer Amari the #88. If he wants it. Maybe he’ll be the first of some iconic 19s.

    StunnaCole Reply

    The impact number #88 gave it will never be another

    caftiman Reply

    No, No. . . Watching 19 is perfect

    StunnaCole Reply

    @caftiman facts

Adam Lopez Reply

Sunday night will be a good test. Go Cowboys!!!!!

Austin Lee Reply

Is this the new show for “Brad and Babe post game show?”

IsReal 777 Reply

Great performance from Dem Boyz… 🤠🏈

StunnaCole Reply

Robert Quinn look like he plays lol

    StunnaCole Reply

    *high motor

tom r Reply

Good show, good guests. Gotta love Quinn’s motor, great quickness too! Go Cowboys!

chuckle chuckle Reply

Quinn seems to have a hard time talking as a cowboy looks stressful

    boxing97 Reply

    chuckle chuckle He’s always sweating 😂

Louis Johnson Reply

The Cowboys should play Donavan Wilson, because he will change life in that secondary, although the secondary is pretty good!, but I believe with ‘Wilson’ it will be over the top and the Cowboys will get more turnovers.

    Dc214 Reply

    Louis Johnson exactly what I was thinking our d needs to get more turnovers and D Wilson is the man to make that Happen

Omar Ramirez Reply

Can’t start this slow next week against the Saints. We gotta gain steam and maintain it.

Steven Pringle Reply

Anybody remember how sorry of a QB remember Babe Laufenburg was?

jayjaylen75 Reply

“You know Emmitt Smith kept all of em…”
“All of em??”
“ALL of THEM!”
“I don’t know about that one…”

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