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Taven Young

Good Win boys back in Business

HG13 Castor Troy

Cant Get Enough! I Want 2 See MOORE Of Them Boyz! #CowboysNation

    Brett Barreras

    so excited for this season. watching everything cowboy related to get my fix for the week lol

Nathan Watkins

What a difference kellen has made the offense looked really different then has in the last 4 years gotta give the Jones’s credit they know what there doing.

    Lava LifeGuard


    Edward Chase

    It was a great game, but to quote another great coach, “let’s put up the anointing oil”. It was just one game. It was a great performance, and I am very optimistic, but let’s wait a few more games to really see how much difference he will make.

    BigTex Dallas

    They moved around so much pre snap that I was getting dizzy watching em run around.

    Nathan Watkins

    BigTex Dallas I know it’s about time that what Scott’s offense lacked for 4 years.

First Name Last Name

Can we please start Jourdan Lewis over Anthony Brown

    D B

    @Kevin’s Durant’s Burner True. He has no fear to hit yo azz..

    Alex Rodrigues

    Glad some one else can see Brown IS a weak link in our defence, guy constantly keeps getting burned !

    Anthony Leapheart

    @Alex Rodrigues wow..
    You clearly are not watching tape … they use brown to cover speedsters Lewis is slot and Agile RB coverage is excellent… brown is still great in slot too…. get off the madden and actually watch film

    K T

    Please j Lewis is wasting on our bench I’m scared somebody going to snatch him up then he’s going to be a solid starter for someone else

    mojo schmee

    This dilemma is what you call the “right problem.”

Jay Ortega

We need to trade AB30 and start hip pocket LEWIS!! Ab always getting burnt, I’m sick of it.

    D B

    Brown gave up that 4th down play. Pissed me off. Qhy was he not in press coverage?

    Alex Rodrigues

    Exactly true !!! Anthony Brown should be traded or benched for another more smater hungrier player !!!!!!!!!!

    Jay Ortega

    Uncle Funky D. Bro you haven’t been watching the past 3 seasons?? Lol cowboys are my team and I love them to death, brown is a liability and he gets burned every single game. You trippin.

    polyonelove 4eva

    JORDAN LEWIS is the answer bra!!!!

    Jay Ortega

    polyonelove 4eva facts bro, I been preaching this💯

Nathon Taylor

Annd how bout them cowboys? (Insert hate comment below)

Robert Deniro

Not to bad for chilling in cabo for a month or two lol

Tayvon Carter

Jourdan lewis is a hitter and he’s ready to go he’s need to be starting !!

David Cantu

Love that #13, kid is only going to get better!! Cowboys looking good!


thats not gallups first 100 yards game.The guy went for 119 in the playoff game against the rams lol

    drew hood

    Playoff games don’t count on the stat sheet

A. Hernandez

We need to see Moore Cowboys offense like this.


Lmao still about Zeke even tho he only got 53 yards! and yes I’m a cowboys fan

    Max Moreno

    He didn’t do much for $90 million. Worthless.

    D B

    @Max Moreno 13 carries. And team’s have to account for Zeke and load the 📦. Without him team’s will just play double coverage.


    Zeke: “The straw that stirs the drink!”…….Zeke COMMANDS 7-8 in the box. Makes Dak job easier with receiver one on one match ups. Pretty Elementary to most….


The Dak Haters will be busy hiding today.

    kevin Edwards

    Blooze daddy your 100%right starting with Nate newton.
    Totally quiet on dak

What sayeth the Scripture

Now to have Romo as head coach and it would be over.

Calvin Johnson

The defense looked little rusty but I think they’ll look better next week! I’m not worried about the running game. It will get better as the season goes on..

BigTex Dallas

We should’ve paid Dak before we paid the 2nd best RB in the league

    D B

    2nd? Leading rusher 2 of 3 years is the best. You probably was one who wanted him gone..


    I like Dak, but given he wasn’t named in the top 100 players, by players, they may know a little more than most “armchairs.” Zeke’s numbers speak for themselves. Dak will get paid.

Louis Neals

Great game by the boys but i want to say thanks to Bab for being there after the lose of his son!!! Thank you from Cowboy Fans LOVE YOU BROTHER!!!!!

F.S Guerra

I’ve always not only liked but also admired Nate as a player and as the great person he is. I am so proud and happy of the many professional and personal accomplishments he has made. I really enjoy his insight I to the game and the things that he makes us see through the all pro player eyes he has.
Big hug Nate!

Jammal Williams

My prayers & thoughts goes to Babe& his family..

Angela Taylor

They needa start (J Lewis) over (brown). Lewis is the better (#2 outside corner) and Brown is the better (#3 slot corner). 💯 #Facts and let (awuzie) share time with (Heath) at Strong safety. Keep (Woods) at Free safety and (B Jones) remain #1 at Corner. 💯


    Real spill bro 💯

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