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Cowboys Game Night: Cowboys Lose 3rd Straight

Lindsay Draper, Nate Newton and Barry Church recap this Cowboys loss in Chicago that marks their third straight.

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Jondavid Bristow Reply

Stumble? Haha
They fell on their face
Mediocrity is what we will get year after year as long as the Jones family owns the franchise

Franny Ward Reply

The whole NFC East sucks.

Matty Bonez92 Reply

Everyone thumbs down the video Let’s do anything to make some noise in that senile narcs ear. Fire your coaches JJ you are destroying this franchise

Victor Smith Reply

24 years of mediocrity…thanks Jerry, enjoy your $Billions

    Quinn Carr Reply

    Lol he will!

    Asat 85 Reply

    I was in denial to myself maybe it was just the players but nope the truth has finally revealed itself jerry jones is the person who is coaching managing and also the owner! You cant win like that period it just dont work jerry your pride has to let go of this notion that you can do all this and you cant you need to hire a coach who you will allow to run the team how he sees fit not you!!!! Until that happens this team is not going anywhere and ive given you over 20 yrs to do so now i make a promise that until i see meaningful changes i dont wear buy cowboys gear nor will i go to see this team play !! Its the only way you are going to get to a guy like jerry only way to do it is with you WALLET!

Javier Pena Reply

Just packed all my cowboy jerseys, shirts and gear for the garage sale this Saturday. I am so done with this team

    Asmodeus Reply

    Lava LifeGuard ooooo, good one, troll

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    @Asmodeus I thought you might like that, horsefly!

    Asmodeus Reply

    Lava LifeGuard what’s next? Some joke about the short bus? Trollolololololololol

    Sweet Willy Reply

    Javier Pena typical Cowboy fan

    J JJ Reply


Fireshots Reply

I don’t wanna hear anything about Jason Garrett this all starts and ends with Jerry Jones what a disgrace

Miss. State-1993 Reply

I was thinking along the same lines. I saw the notification/title and just wanted to let the channel know that in order to stumble one must first be standing and upright. Our boys crawled into soldier field and crawled right out with their tails tucked between their legs. Sad day to be a cowboy fan. The reason being = no effort, no fight, no win. They quit..on their coaches..on us..on themselves…plain and simple.

HSK Kelley Reply

Quick Jerry back to the HEAD office for a makeup rendezvous with JG.

Sunrise Reply

They are garbage. Garrett is wayyyy too soft. Weak Sauce. Move on from him

HSK Kelley Reply

Jason sucks on the field and in the head office.

Luis Ayala Reply

Dam is the king of padded stats
He took the crown from Stafford

True Gooner Reply

Dallas stumbled… against any team with a winning record… weird that.

Brian Waller Reply

No way no how this team is beating the rams lmao

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    Hell they’ll be lucky to win one out of the next three

Brett WB Reply

Imho, it’s not just Garrett that is the problem… it’s the positional coaching as well. For instance, the DL and DB coaches should be stressing the fundamentals each and every day… proper tackling… going for the strip, etc. If someone keeps goofing up, you bench them. If there is a new coach at the end of the season (which there should), I would let him clean house. I really think someone like Jim Harbaugh would be the best option. He could work with Dak and instill a different mentality across the board.

If Jerry really wants to save this season, I wouldn’t be above hiring outside consultants (former players, etc.) to come in, observe and give their opinions.

As for Maher… I feel sorry for the guy. I don’t understand why Jerry doesn’t get someone like Morten Andersen to come and work with the guy. It is quite obvious that he has the distance. It feels like it’s a technique and/or mental issue. Someone like Andersen would serve him well. That’s just my two cents.

Jim Mears Reply

I heard all year Fire Garrett make Richard HC…..FIRE EVERYBODY. JERRY YOU’RE FIRED.

J JJ Reply

Jason “Didn’t play well in all 3 phases” Garrett

Yumi Tokushige Reply

πŸ¦‹ day is a loss day. Or is Dak Prescott wearing it every day? I watched the post game night. It’s good. πŸ™‚πŸπŸπŸ

David Cantu Reply

Totally disfunction with my Boys sad to say, needs to start at the top. Also I totally get given back to the community and all that, but every time I turn around ,players are shooting commercials, volunteering, playing bs games, and not focusing on the Game….practicing their craft, film study, actually putting in FOOTBALL WORK! GOD dang Disneyland over there at Jerry World….definitely need to re evaluate EVERYTHING!!

Chris Mason Reply

Unsubbed from those Cowboys, c ya in the XFL

sunnydaze11 Reply

The team looks so different than they did in the beginning of the year…man.

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