Cowboys Game Night: Back to Back Division Wins | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
bobby hill

Dem Boys Run The East… soon the NFL

Benny Torres

How bout them cowboys

gene tucker

Babe prayers for your family always

John Garcia

Cowboys, Chiefs or Eagles in Super Bowl v. Pats. Pats favored. Bet against Pats and if you’re right you’re done!


    Too early to tell. A few more games and we’ll see if your predictions are correct.

    John Garcia

    Nicolas Garcia they start getting good at midpoint! I’m not their fan tho.

    John Garcia

    DKLONGHORN the years the Giants beat them in Supa Bowl, I desperately wanted to bet. This year I’m going to go wit my knowledge 🤔

    John Garcia

    Barry B. Benson Chiefs have best chance, but they bring out Pats best!

    Nicolas Garcia

    @John Garcia ok I’ll be waiting for that.. #DC4L


our team is so scary 😭. wait till our defense gets together. The patriots shutting out teams. AND OUR D BETTER THAN THEIRS. Given it was 2 division games, and the patriots played the steelers and dolphins but damn our defense is still underrated

bigpoppa 1967

Rooting for Covington to take the starting position over Woods. Nothing against Woods…but I like Covington’s size.

    PortcityCowboy 85

    @bigpoppa 1967 I been saying we need wider bodies at the DT spot we’re to light at that position… that’s the reason team can run up the gut on us.


    Yes i been rooting for covignton since the beginning ,hes that plug that we need in the middle, he can take 2 blockers and hold his ground and pass rush at times.

Adalberto Pagan

Covington sounds like a real Pro. Hold the fort, brother.

Whip Tech

15 gonna ball out

Whip Tech

The biggest thing I take away from these interviews…class men across the board

Sonya Lewis

Cowboys You can Take the Superbowl position! 💙Go gettem DC🏈

Kalel311 superman

2 and 0 in the division not bad


Hope we don’t lose Taco but the NFL is a business as the end of the day. Go Cowboys!

    da Star

    Mougishouse I like him too and think it just taking a little more time for him.

Flat earth New Jerusalem foundation

Hey Witten looks like powder

    bar ridge

    This made me laugh out loud. Well done.

Jack Woods

I know they were lined up and checked and prepared before they were sent down the hall but they were all very quietly intelligent and Byron was absolutely charming. He will have a future after the field, either in analyst or coaching.

Michael Morgan

Devin Smith looks like Terry Glenn🤣🤣🤣

Marvin Alexander

Witten looking like Obadiah Stain.

tom r

Caught this show last week.I subscribed. Good show, nice interviews and it’s nice seeing some of the other players that contribute to this team in big ways.Keep up the good work!

Vzp1946 Vzp1946

Byron Jones is very handsome. Denzel Washington like

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