Cowboys Flashback: Offense Clicks In Season Opener | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Flashback: Offense Clicks In Season Opener | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Dani Sureck recaps the Cowboys win over the Giants to start the season 1-0. In this episode, hear about QB Dak Prescott’s phenomenal game, how Kellen Moore performed in his first game as offensive coordinator and more.

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David Hernandez Reply

Just 3 lol

Todd James Reply

Could have told my man #21 his nose ring was off! Haha

    Todd James Reply

    Ohh they did.. nice job! Haha

    YaBoyy TJ Reply


    syst3mov3rride Reply

    hahaha I didn’t notice that.

carlos alvarez Reply

Cowboys Baby I need some tickets please lord

oneofspades Reply

Mr Cowboy. Get that man a ring.

    joe travieso Reply

    he’s got one……Mr Cowboy is Bob Lily

cuervo zambrano Reply

Kellen Moore a prodigee in play calling

Billy keith Reply

Jason Witten is one classy individual. God bless him and his family

PortcityCowboy 85 Reply

I Love Whitten’s Wife and Kids supporting him #LetsgoCowboys

    Jesus Felipe Murrieta Reply

    yeah that part was touching man, someone’s cutting onions in here.

Ray Mercado Reply

Cowboy should Consider Mybe take a long back look at time’s with Dez Bryant. Dez Can Work Under Kellen Moore’s Game Plan.

    jarjon76 Reply

    Why? They have Coop, Gallup, and Cobb. Quit living in the past.

    David Presley Reply

    @LDandy13 YES

Ray Mercado Reply

Week 1 in the books.


I just wanna win the super bowl for Witten

    Rocky Roadster Reply


    zakkrick Reply

    Just want witten to win one superbowl and retire once and for all

    Appa the Pitbully Reply

    He really deserves it. Did so much for that team.

Veni Vidi Vici Reply

To whoever that girl hosting us is…. damn! Anyway I digress go cowboys!!

Mike Causey Reply

Where all the Dak Haters????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kevin Hanson Reply

Dak look good, hope it stays.

RamboSlice Reply

Watching the game I believe it was the huddle before the first kneel to run the clock out and you see the smile on Witten’s face and those guys just cutting it up in the huddle. This is where 82 belongs and it makes me so grateful to be a fan of this team. Let’s go get him the ring he deserves.

Not 670 Reply

Spagnola’s jacket and pants do not match…

Jammal Williams Reply

” Dak is a Baller” winner , and shot caller” it’s no fluke’ he is good” what he’s got not coach-able’ That’s why he’s gonna keep winning’ I’m out Cowboys Nation..

NEMoretime Reply

Wow. The cowboys only have three rbs on their 53 man roster. Elliott, pollard and olawaze

Jonathan Perales Reply

My boy gave my crap when I told him about Kellen Moore and how excited I was to see what he would do.. but I wasnt expecting that. No one has a book on him yet. #DCALLIN

    NEMoretime Reply

    I would kind of want to revert to the previous offense sometime just to keep the defenses guessing.

    Defenses look for offenses tendencies. Lets keep mixing it up.

syst3mov3rride Reply

Love this broadcast….I wish FOX would have highlighted the O Line more and our Defense (good and bad)…this game got me hyped…Go Cowboys!!

    David Presley Reply


David Presley Reply

I could listen to Jason Witten talk from the heart all day.

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