Cowboys Flashback: First Loss of the Season | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
aaron rogers

We will take this L and own up to our mistakes its not the end Cowboys Nation!!!!!

Flint Westwood

If not for the two fumbles, Cowboys would have had this game. It was all defense in both sides. Tight game and DAK put pressure on at the end but too damn late for
Hail Mary or prayers.


The offensive play calling was like playing John Madden Football 1991 all over again. Moore was at fault, but the ultra conservative play calling has JG written all over it. So good going JG. Keep up the lousy work. You’ve had way too long a run of mediocrity as HC of the Cowboys. I want you fired for Kris Richard as our new HC.

lisa colon

No trick plays with 21&20 what happen coaches😌😌

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