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Imaballerbruh V

I’m first like if u like the cowboys

    Lava LifeGuard


    Luis Ramirez

    Lava LifeGuard why u hAve animosity


    Luis Ramirez it’s just a preschool troll, pay it no attention

Jesus is beast 77

I don’t know if our defense is good or our offense bad

    Jesus is beast 77

    A thanks my bad haha

    Dividend Income

    Defense is obviously top tier and offense is catching up…. but the real question is why people expect players to not make mistakes in camp??? If anyone knows anything about football, they’ll tell you that you’re encouraged to make mistakes in camp as long as you have a reason behind it.

    If you’re screwing up because you’re not locked in and focused, then that’s unacceptable. But if you’re pushing your limits, learning/trying something new or building up a weakness then by all means make as many mistakes you need to make (in camp) until you get better.

    DanThaMan Rodz

    Jesus is beast 77 lol

    DanThaMan Rodz

    Who was that Xavier woods?

    TG Almighty

    DanThaMan Rodz yessir

Ahmed Chaibi

Dak throws alot of ints in camp👍 best place to have em

    Dividend Income

    He’s thrown lots of INT’s in all of his camps. He’s even admitted that he uses camp to really push and learn what he can do and what he needs to get better at… I think it’s a very methodical way to expand your limits. Why try to be perfect and conservative during camp, it won’t help him grow as a player?

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