Cowboys Break: Who’s Better Than Dak?| Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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I strongly feel like zeke is being selfish

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    Eric Draven of course it’s a business. And in business no one owes you anything ! That’s all part business sir

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    Stone Cold we don’t ! Stats prove it self . How many rings do patriots have in just last 10 years . And out al those rings never had a rushing leader or even a top player at position

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    Eric Draven 😞 he does because he signed and agreeed to do as such !

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    Eric Draven how old are you ? Don’t you understand how contracts work ?

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    Eric Draven no Sir they can’t . When making the contect part of contract is trading options . Thus why I asked you do you know how contracts work? Because in all contracts these things are in writing the team has a option to trade you or cut you .

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There is no doubt Zeke’s being selfish and greedy too

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    TOM JASPER JR thank you brother ! the guy has 2 years left he should be at camp holding his end of the deal

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    I want to trade him

teampenn2007 Reply

Dave: “like, right, like, right, like, right, like.”


zeke is what i thought he was a drunktard in public selfish azz. my take is jerry is PISSED he’s not here. after jerry stood by him in 17. charting his plane for him. fighting for him and AGAIN getting drunk and starting sht again this year in public and back to ny with goodell. you know jerry is gonna take care of him and you slap him in the face not showing up??? f off. dudes talented, but im sick of his drunktard acts.


amber…i don’t like this game…😅😅😅

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Oh my Latina amber, missed her 💙💙

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    Daouda Diop my bad u right…. I had a gf named amber! But yes ambar is correct 💙💙💙

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Amber’s face was melting off yesterday she should be happy for weather.

John Crabtree Reply

If they have to have a girl on the show why not get someone who knows football like lindsay or Taylor

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David is always annoying.. need to replace him never wants to talk football

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wimps…’s too cold.

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