Cowboys Break: What Went Wrong? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Complaining about the referees? Lol. Excuses excuses……. excuses….!!!!!

    Pablo Torres

    For real it’s the offense and play calling

    Brian Waller

    Well the saints are now 12-1 with that referee crew so maybe there is some truth to bias.

Telvin Jones

Carl cheffer went wrong 12-1 when he is referring saints game? If I was to guess who that 1 lost was too I would say the Patriots then maybe the Rams. I need to see to be sure. And the year it took place.

Kyle Lomax

Quit running up the middle Moore! Attack the edges and be unpredictable, use some Pollard; Zeke looks like he has lost a step- Zeke is still powerful but certainly not as quick- This was a regression back to last season with the offense. Please involve Jarwin more in the passing game, he is fast and athletic.

Sunny Up

Overrated cowboys


I honestly think the offense went out and partied the night before and their heads weren’t on straight for this game.

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