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    Brian Waller

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    Allen that’s your opinion are you’re welcome to it. I just find it hilarious

    Donna Blanton

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Dak and zeke need to be leaders like jaylon and take one for the team so we can win a championship or maybe multiple ones. Would you rather make more than Carson wentz or beat the brakes off him every year? Daks choice.

    Matthew Friday

    I know what you are saying by being a leader on the contract. He is already a leader on the field though. So is Zeke somewhat because he has taken over the voice role in pre-game chant and breakdown.


    Also, I’m sure the money from SB wins/appearances due to sponsorship will be more than 2-3 million of contract money. If Zeke doesn’t get a ring he’ll be a nobody by the time he’s in his mid thirties.

West World

The Smith pick obviously worked out well but it was not the best pick for the team that season.

The D sucked and the team needed a LB and a CB to start week 1.

The #4 pick should have been for Jalen Ramsey and the 2nd rd pick should have been for the best available D player.

The Cowboys should have drafted Jordan Howard in the 4th rd.

The 2016 D would have been considerably better with Jalen Ramsey and with Myles Jack … and Dak and the offense would have been just as successful with Jordan Howard being the lead RB behind that great 2016 OL. Because the offense is not Zeke focused, Tony Romo is the starter for the playoffs and if they faced the Packers, the Cowboys would have easily beaten them with their improved D, Romo running the offense and a 1200 yd rookie RB

The Zeke pick ruined what could have been a SB winning season and team … with Tony Romo.

The Zekeless team meant Romo started in 2017, and Dak actually gets development behind Romo to be a passer as he was drafted to be. The first round pick could have been used on a O player to help the offense further, if not on TJ Watt for what should have been a top 5 D in 2017.

The 2019 Cowboys could have been a SB winning team and a beast of a team now, … by simply drafting Jalen Ramsey with the 2016 #4 draft pick … and Dak would have had at least a year of development with Tony Romo, and would undoubtedly be a better player than Goff or Wentz from his class.

Cowboys need to trade Zeke … and build the offense around a great OL & well coached QB.


    You can’t just throw in players that ended up good in that class and place them whenever we drafted. We needed a rb. So drafting ramsey in the 1st we would of drafted hendry in the 2nd than I would draft jaylon smith in round 4. But I still like the route we went. Drafting zeke nd jaylon. We are still super bowl contenders.

    West World

    @Antbeast23 The D was crap. The OL was the best in the League with McFadden getting 1000 yds … with no Romo.

    The 2016 Cowboys needed a CB, LB and S to fix the crap D.

    Jalen Ramsey was a known top draft pick.

    The Cowboys OL did not need and top RB. Again. McFadden is not a top RB and yet he got 1000 yds behind the weaker 2015 OL.

    The #4 pick should have been for the best available D player … and that was clearly Jalen Ramsey is is a CB that the crap D NEEDED.

    Good RB’s are a dime a dozen in the mid rounds. Kamara, Hunt, Bell, Mixon etc are all 2nd rd or later picks …. that would have been truly great RBs behind the 2016 OL.

    The Zeke pick was a bad pick as it stopped the 2016 Team from having a “good” D especially in the secondary, killed Tony Romo’s offense and forced Romo to retire, started three years of bad development of Dak by Scott Linehan, in Scott Linehan’s Zeke focused offense.

    Tony Romo had been running the offense for over 10 years. Tony Romo is not a game manager of a run focused offense.

    The Cowboys offense was built around Tony Romo and the OL. The OL provided good protection for Romo and blocking for the running game.

    It was Romo’s offense that Zeke & Dak were drafted to play in.

    This all changed in 2016 when Scott Linehan was once again stuck without Romo or a backup QB that could run Romo’s offense. But this time Linehan had Zeke & Dak … not McFadden & Cassell … and completely changed the offense and Dak’s development and sent Romo into retirement.

    No Zeke, and Linehan would have been less likely to make the offense RB-focused and would have properly trained Dak as a passer. When Romo was healthy again, he becomes the starter for the playoffs.

    Again. The OL was the best in the League in 2016 and Mcfadden got 1000 yds with the weaker 2015 OL. The Cowboys only needed a RB better than McFadden & Morris. They did not need Zeke.

    The #4 pick should have always been for Jalen Ramsey. The 4th rd pick should have been for a RB and of course the 4 rd compensatory pick should have been for Dak to develop behind Romo for 2/3 years to run Romo’s offense.

    The Zeke pick was a bad pick … as it stopped the D from being better & allowed Scott Linehan to ruin the offense and the development of Dak for three seasons, by making it Zeke focused & reliant.

    It is plain stupid to make your offense completely reliant on a RB in order to be good.

    Romo’s offense was built around the OL and a good pocket passing QB.

    The Romo offense was killed in 2016 because of the drafting of Zeke, the injury to Romo, and Scott Linehan taking the opportunity to take back control of the offense from Romo.


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I notice we don’t speak on Tristan Hill much

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