Cowboys Break: Trap Game? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Trap Game? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The Cowboys are favored to win Sunday by three touchdowns but do the Dolphins have anyone who can hurt the Cowboys?

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Flint Mi Reply

We Dem boys

Heath Villarreal Reply

Let him Go, Taco did not prove to me anything how well he played last year. I’m not saying hes a bad person. He just don’t have the quality to play for this team as a defensive end. In my opinion.

teampenn2007 Reply

Like…..I mean….Like….I mean…
Guess which hosts I am?

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    Yeah and now Helman is starting to do the same thing

billy heaton Reply

LMFAO 😂 last week the Redskins are supposed to be a trap game now it’s Miami dolphins

    Ray Clark Reply

    I think we all knew the Redskins game wasn’t a trap game! Miami won’t be either, Cowboys just need to show up for that game

    Amateur_Stargazer Reply

    Ray Clark that’s when you lose, they need to focus and be ready to play

cory hawks Reply

I wouldn’t just release him, because if u want something for him? Why would another team trade for him if they know he’ll just be released?

    Brian Daniel Reply

    You might not have a choice if nobody’s willing to trade for him

    cory hawks Reply

    @Brian Daniel then I’d would have kept him at least until the trade deadline because there might have been injuries.

    But it’s mute now.

jeremy x Reply

Dallas is too well coached
Far too focused
And extremely passionate to fall into s trap game

    santiago villa Reply

    do not forget the clapper

    jeremy x Reply

    @santiago villa
    “The Clapper” is NOT my favorite person
    He did win COY 3 yrs ago

    His loyalty to Scott Linehan was his thorn in the flesh
    The Jones’s stripped jg if his play calling duties

    This is his last chance to dance
    Been that way with me
    As HC, I’m not gonna be the fall guy

    Let me coach or release me
    That blame, I place squarely on Garrett

    Giffond Hall Reply

    @jeremy x garret sucks

    jeremy x Reply

    @Giffond Hall
    Garrett’s been puppetized by the Jones’s
    He’s about to be unleashed himself

    But now
    When teams start after Mr Kellen Moore,,,,,
    It’s gonna get mighty 🔥 in the Big D for Mr Garrett

David Cantu Reply

Such is life in the NFL…. hopefully Taco lands on his feet, sorry it didn’t work out… COWBOYS need to keep grinding, stay hungry and play every game as if it’s a playoff game. They need to get familiar with Miami anyway, they’ll be back in FEBRUARY!! GO COWBOYS!!

    Giffond Hall Reply

    stop it

    David Cantu Reply

    @Giffond Hall 🤣🤣👎

Amateur_Stargazer Reply

No matter how bad the dolphins are, the day you approach any nfl game overlooking your opp is a game you lose.. it happens all the time, do you think the patriots thought they’d lose to the lions last year? Do you think the chargers thought they could lose to the lions 4 days ago?? We better go into EVERY game ready to play, that’s what superbowl teams do, they play every game, every opp like it’s the superbowl.. these are nfl teams

Amateur_Stargazer Reply

What they are overlooking is dallas was playing with bjones, dlaw and heath all not 100% and now woods, woods, gallup, austin and maybe crawford all out… so this will not be as easy as u think

djuan watkins Reply

Do a show with Amber, Linsey, Taylor and Danni i will not miss an episode

Toni W Reply

This move needed to b made, 🌮 didn’t prove he was a professional footballer yet. It happens, he will get nother chance

Monarchski Reply

I hated the pick when they made it but they still got Chido, J. Lewis and Xavier Woods in that draft so it’s not all bad.

Stonehall Studios Reply

Dont care about Sunday’s score. Just win

Stonehall Studios Reply

Well said tho get the best 53 on the team and if taco isn’t one of them cut him

Bone Daddy_13 Reply

Wilson will get a pick six mark my words 😎

Donna Blanton Reply

I think Taco is not mentally tough, immature and overly dramatic.

santiago villa Reply

do you think the dallas defensive line gets better because it trains with the o line?

MrDougiefresh828 Reply

Taco is Gone, move on! No mas taco talk Please!!!

True Gooner Reply

Nobody wants to say anything bad about Taco here… yea the guy isn’t evil. But we’re talking football, the dude was just poor with a bad attitude to add. Let’s be real, we’re all fine with seeing the end of him here.

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