Cowboys Break: Time to Make Deals? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Time to Make Deals? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

We switched up the hosting duties for this show, but the topic of conversation didn’t change as the crew discussed the latest news on Zeke, Dak and Amari and the status of their contracts.

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Nick Kowalsky Reply


    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Nick Kowalsky Cool nobody cares

SHAdaKID Reply

Rico could have been a red zone threat, they never utilized him properly.


    SHAdaKID Dak missed him several times in the red zone

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    SHAdaKID Rico = no good

    Whip Tech Reply

    Lol…based on exactly what?


Rico never got a shot

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    ANDRE’ WILBANKS Says you!

    Haley94Ware Reply

    From everything we saw from RICO, you could easily say that he never EARNED a shot.

    Vincent Sample Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta nope! Says MANY including Romo.

    Vincent Sample Reply

    @Haley94Ware then you didn’t SEE.

    gene tucker Reply

    maybe jerry is tired of being fined for players that are suspended. the other TE are betterand he wasn’t getting it.

John Crabtree Reply

Boy ambar is captain obvious

serg74ful Reply

“Daves not professional wah wah wah I’m a baby” – lil baby

serg74ful Reply

Ambar 😚

Giffond Hall Reply

wentz is trash he got overpaid

gdubb 1228 Reply

Pay the ppl period

gdubb 1228 Reply


Philip DuBeau Reply

looks like another rough night for ambar.

    Silver Ancient Reply

    What u mean?

Jacob Calhoun Reply

If they would just get rid of Ambar this show would be awesome.

spiderman3670 Reply

If Dak try’s to pull that crap then you move on from him.

The Star Reply

Just get them sign so we can move on.

Vincent Sample Reply

Derrick is full of it on Rico with that JUST that one thing nonsense. Rico will play and play well.

    Mister Reply

    Rico has played and played terrible

Jonathan Reply

All this money is making me kinda sick. And you know what else, I can guarantee that we have an average season and one of those three get hurt and most sadly of all no super bowl win.

GetOffMyLawn Reply

Helman shouda started with “so… how are you all doing today.”

GetOffMyLawn Reply

Ambar lookin’ SWEET today!

gene tucker Reply

sure sit the first game Dak and Cooper has a nice game and they start him again and he has a nice game. Bye bye Dak. first 3 weeks are not as hard as later. same with Zeke. Agents are bottom feeders, owners take just as much risk with contracts. if you haven’t been in any trouble Zeke there wouldn’t be any worries. if you were more accurate Dak there wouldn’t be any worries.

Jason DOE Reply

AG doesn’t bring anything to the show….I could do a better job, hell many of us could.

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