Cowboys Break: Problem Areas? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Problem Areas? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

While everyone waits for Zeke to return, the crew discusses other areas that could be problematic when the Cowboys face the Giants on Sunday.

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Damn amber didn’t survive the roster cuts

    Angel Rosario

    She’s on the practice squad or IR.

    AB McDonald

    Na it’s a contract year boys

    QRoo 1

    Heard she’s on a plane to Cabo or Cancun


Where’s Armbar?

Tx D

THANK GOD!!!!!!!
Amber was HORRIBLE!!

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Wiz Bud

The weakest part of the defense is at LB and possibly depth at safety.

The weakest part of the offense is at Guard, opposite of Martin.

Charles Harris

This lady doesn’t get to talk either……

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