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TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

im about to burst this mans bubble

Jason Bradham

Pay Zeke or free him.

    Matt S

    Still has 2 years on his contract and to top it off he’s been in trouble.


Dave & Ambar’s chairs keep gettin closer and closer to each other πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

    Brian Waller


Calixto Villarreal

you know how ” those people are” looking for big money– as opposed to less money?

Vincent Sample

Cowboy Depth Chart ( 4 / 1 / 19 )

24 on Offense:

2 Quarterbacks:
Dak, Rush
White (ps)

4 Runningbacks:
Zek, Jackson, Pollard(wr), Olawale(fb)
Weber (ps)

6 Wide Outs:
Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Wilson, Austin, ( Brown or Johnson or Smith)
Guyton (ps)

3 Tightends:
Witten, Jarwin, Shultz
McElroy (ps)

9 O-Line:
Smith / Flemming (st)
Williams / McGovern (g/c)
Freddrick / (Looney) (c/g)
Martin / Sua’Fila
Collins / Williams (t/g)

Mitch Hyatt (ps)
Brandon Knight (IR)

    Vincent Sample

    Defensive Depth Chart: 26

    5 Defensive Tackle:
    (1-Tec) Covington / Woods
    (3-Tec) Crawford / Collins / Hill (1/3)
    Wise and Walker (ps)

    5 Defensive End:
    (LE) Lawrence / Hyder / Armstrong or Jackson
    (RE) Quinn / Taco / [ Gregory ] (sp)
    Jelk and Jackson (2 ps)

    6 Linebackers:
    Smith, LVE, Lee, Thomas, Gifford, J-M-L
    Covington (ps)

    6 Cornerbacks:
    Awusie, Jones, Brown, Lewis, MJ, Olumba

    4 Safties:
    Woods, Heath, Wilson, Thompson


    Jelk nd jackson I think makes it over taco nd wilson makes it over thompson. Wilson is a better safety.

Ismael Garcia

It’s sad when the only girl on the set is more about football than the guys.. can you act like some professionals over here.. Amber Garcia you’re doing a great job.. keep it Classy

    Jason DOE

    said no one ever….

John Crabtree

This show pale in comparison to talkin cowboys

    Vincent Sample

    Not to me

    Matt S

    John Crabtree talking Cowboys gives more information than this show.

    Brian Waller

    I love Bryan and Mickey get into it. Especially when Bryan calls for coaches to be held accountable and Mickey wants to blame the players


Why does Noah Brown have a roster spot? He hasn’t been in training camp. Noah has basically been an extra blocker in the past. He made that one catch in the end zone at Ohio State. Help me out.

    black 51

    Agree πŸ’―


I would cut sua filo. He’s mediocre. Played bad in pre season game. Just draft someone next year

    Oscar Marquez

    Antbeast23 are you kidding? Did you see what he did to fletcher Cox last year and how he played to replace Connor Williams?

Me Me

The awkward passive aggressive subcontextual lowkey verbal rib shots Ambar gives to these 3 cats is oddly and semi-uncomfortably entertaining.

J Pat D

Y do they act like Jeff Heath is so good that his position as a starter is guaranteed regardless on who they get like he’s doesn’t even have 2 compete 4 his spot unlike most of the players on the team . Funny how that works i wonder y lol We all no what’s really goin on with that i must be blind cause he must be so good that he doesn’t even have any competition we all no that’s bull seriously he’s the weak link in that whole dominant defense the only reason he hasn’t been totally exposed is because of how good his teammates are that are around him period

Steven AtLarge

Heads up! 53:49


54:50 Luke “Mr. Steal yo girl” Gifford, Dave better watch out πŸ˜‚

Tx D

Amber is repulsive & cringe she talks like she has downs…

Why do all these sports shows feel like they have to hire females who know nothing..

She has no football common sense.

Linda Callazo

Most passive aggressive group of people I’ve ever seen πŸ˜‚…none of them like each other – makes it hard to watch πŸ™„


Glad she is not hosting


“You can never have a calm of season if you are the Cowboys.” – Ambar


She doesn’t know the word “status”- “stage? stage? Status.”

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