Cowboys Break: Needing Style Points? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Needing Style Points? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

While the Cowboys won by 25 points against the Dolphins, the crew discusses how the team actually played in the game and if there are reasons for concerns when the schedule gets tougher.

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Jim Mears Reply

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, might have maybe. GOD!

Kevin James Reply

3-0 Dallas Cowboys

    Gary Blount Reply

    helman always rubbing his eyebrows when ambar talks ,ambar is cute but her voice hurts me. shes too loud on her mic. rather have taylor stern great personality, cuttie pie.

Diyarko TV Reply

We dem boys

supermCcnasty Reply

Ambar annoys me lmao

    David Cantu Reply

    @Stevie Mac23 Don’t feel bad bro, I usually defend her, but lately, she’s not bringing anything and is just stating the obvious, needs to do a bit of homework and step it up. I like the chick, Dani on Tuesdays, pleasant change….Go Cowboys!

    Stevie Mac23 Reply

    @David Cantu yeah Dani is so much better, im surprised she doesn’t do as much. I figured they would throw her on more stuff. Jessie Holley has been killing it so he makes almost everyone look bleak

    David Cantu Reply

    @Stevie Mac23 🍻👍for sure bro!

    Stonehall Studios Reply

    Still better than Molly Q

    Mobile SMS Local Reply

    You UGLY MF’ERS always complaining…Don’t Watch the Damn Program…You do have a CHOICE! 😂 #FOH


They had entirely too many penalties. They need to work on that. They clean up the rough edges and they will be very dangerous.

Eric Jefferson Reply

We can go 16-0 and I won’t bring up a damn SB until they win the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! It’s been almost a quarter century that we’ve been talking that BS talk! Let’s get there and THEN discuss SB. Damn all that other bopping!

gdubb 1228 Reply

Is it time to start Jordan Lewis over Brown

    TexasHardhitter Reply

    It’s been time.

    Giffond Hall Reply


Justin Price Reply

The slow starts don’t worry me against bad teams like we’ve played but if the trend continues, it could prove troublesome against other teams that they may have to try to dig themselves out of a hole against. I see them going 12-4 this year, possibly 11-5 or 13-3. The difference in a couple of games will come down to one or two plays. They have got to come out rolling and they have got to clean up penalties. The teams I see them giving them the most problems will be the Patriots, Rams, Packers, and possibly even the Saints since they are in New Orleans and they looked good against the Seahawks.

Raymond Solis Jr. Reply

That chick’s voice is annoying

    Mobile SMS Local Reply

    Don’t watch the show then…you do have a choice…🤔

llltdesq Reply

I’ve watched that play repeatedly. The receiver NEVER had possession of the ball. He was juggling it the entire time.

thelastminutegifts Reply

C’mon @DallasCowboys Why would you not want Pollard out there? 2 back sets? Pollard out of the slot? Get the ball in playmakers hands and have the defense pick its poison ☠️. It’s obvious the split carries was not the problem versus the the Dolphins.

thelastminutegifts Reply

Ambar Garcia is not the best contributor to this show… 😆. David Helman’s body language and frustration/boredom ticks (scuffing eye brows with finger, looking at other crew members in the eyes in a low key way) suggest a crew that is just biding time until a weak link gets through with a meaningless rant 🤣. Bring back Dani

    Mobile SMS Local Reply

    Don’t watch the show…#StopComplaining

    thelastminutegifts Reply

    Mobile SMS Local there wasn’t a single complaint in my posted opinion. 🤣Did that ruffle your feathers big bird? 😂

    Mobile SMS Local Reply

    Let me guess: You call complaints something else LOL…You are complaining flat out. Don’t watch the show Snowflake. Go watch a high school football show to get insight…You wrote an Entire post B*tching about that young lady because your ego is altered by her presence. Go Find Another Team & Show Loser….😂😂😂😂

West World Reply

Rubbish. There is nothing to be concerned about. There were just a handful of passes that were slightly off and or dropped … and the interception was simply underthrone on the run across his body to 2 receivers breaking clear

The Cowboys offense is now pass focused and aggressive to put up big scores. It is no longer the conservative run focused, dominate time in possession with low scoring and close scores.

Dak needs to keep being aggressive with the passing game to perfect a prolific scoring offense.

The Cowboys offense will never be a prolific scoring team being conservative and run focused.

You are concerned Dak is trying to make the Cowboys offense like the Chiefs & Patriots? Bhahahahahahah.

West World Reply

Pollard should be a slot receiver … not wasted as Zeke’s backup.

Chunn should be zeke’s backup.

Pollard needs to be converted to a SWR net season.

James Reply

Ambar seems to make a mistake every time she talks or isn’t able to get the gist of what the others are saying. She is so annoying!

    Antbeast23 Reply

    Don’t watch then dude

Giffond Hall Reply

we need to beat the saints

Kenneth Lott Reply

Dak still getting no respect

santiago villa Reply

this week is the firt true challenge to the cowboys

William Sprake Reply

I enjoy your show and I appreciate David’s opinions. Please ask David to stop saying “LIKE” in every sentence like a little girl.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

Look at Dave’s facial expressions when Ambar says something, lol.

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