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Dallas Moore Reply

Ambar brings the show down

    Tx D Reply

    I’ve been promoting the girl that replaced her jackass hahaha

    Nice try 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Justin Quarles Reply

    Tx D nah Ambar is better than her

texas guy Reply

she said i was listening to reggaeton earlier. he answers oh ok i didnt know if it was art or what. god damn i think i just found a new member of the mensa society. she said listening!!!

Tx D Reply

Great…. the air head is back fml

David Cantu Reply

Absolutely DO NOT trade Jordan Lewis! Kid’s a baller, and will keep improving….

    Giffond Hall Reply

    and taco

    David Cantu Reply

    @Giffond Hall Agree bro, … obviously I don’t know for sure, but I feel that something has happened between Taco and the Boys and they’re about to move on from each other, something just doesn’t seem right…


Yall always talking about Amber but she’s here for the Hispanic audience. Because you cant understand her, doesn’t make her bad.

    Stonehall Studios Reply

    Were from the same country and its amazing how different her accent and mine are

    Justin Quarles Reply

    I like her 😁

Jim Mears Reply

One more “long time listener first time caller” I PUKE. I play Madden so I’m football genius.

Angel Rosario Reply

You are making the Deadskins defense sound like the Steel Curtain. C’mon man! They gave up over 436 total yards to Philly and D. Jackson torched them for two deep bombs. Child please!

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland Reply

    And that matters about as much as a piece of used toilet paper..every week is a different game and dallas always gets washingtons. Very best game .whst they did last week has nothing to do


Do you guys think Luke Gifford replaces Sean lee and they let Sean go? Say next year

Travis McDonough Reply

get rid of this chick she literally knows nothing lol

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