The Break crew were all over the map for this episode, not only talking about OTA standouts, but the possibility of a kicking competition and their thoughts on Zeke’s status with the league.

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31 replies on “Cowboys Break: Kicker Battle, Zeke Update & More | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. David’s hilarious! look at how much anxiety he has sitting next to Amber… little legs kicking back and forth in the chair… Sweating…redface…:-) wishing like hell he would have bought that iron at Target last weekend instead of ironing his only two flannel shirts he owns in the dryer…

  2. man, i just… sigh, Eagleton… the show is better without you man. When you’re there Ambar doesn’t even hardly get to speak, and frankly I like a lot of her points more than yours. The joke you made about having a full crew… it’s only ever you that isn’t on the show. And again, only my opinion, but those shows without you are the better shows. The best group for this show is Ambar Garcia, David Helman, Brian Broadus, Nick Eatman.

  3. She really is and she loves cowboys. What more could a man want. God bless the man with her.

  4. @TGCTV you’re not wrong… I watch/listen for the entire crew, but when Eagleton is on, she’s almost a ghost. He constantly interrupts everyone with “see look at me I’m involved in the conversation” comments that only serve to cut someone off who is in the middle of a point. Maybe let them finish speaking before you try to counter. I just think she does a much better job of “hosting” the show, moving things along, making sure we aren’t just talking about zeke’s maybe/maybe not suspension for half the show.

  5. thing is with zeke. he needs to still stay out of trouble and not get involved. he will probably get suspended based off of previous incidents. they won’t look at just this incident which is dumb.

  6. Nick, rich folks take iv saline. They don’t suffer hangovers. How did Zeke act at the camp? Haven’t heard, but if it were bad we’d all know.

  7. can’t wait for mauer’s zig zag…anxiety attack kicks…ugh. 🤦‍♂️🙄🥴🛌

  8. I’m she actually adds and asks reasonable questions. Some of the ladies on mainstream football media are just dumb about what’s going on and how they grasp some information.

  9. Yeah, it’s hilarious, he can’t even look at her, he just stares off into space while she’s talking, which just makes his discomfort even more obvious. Poor guy.

  10. The best group for this show would be Bryan, David, Nick, Ambar & Mickey. Everyone seems too tense when they’re on with Derek.

  11. zeke is an idiot! of course he his going to get suspended! if there wasn’t a suspension every year it wouldn’t be the cowboys! c’mon man is anybody really surprised?!

  12. Yep, He is the kinda person who likes to hear themselves talk, yes Amber knows more about Football then he does, sadly, good guy, just doesn’t offer much as a “Football” person.

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