The crew breaks down all of the changes on the offensive side of the ball, wondering if they’re better at slot WR, backup RB and tight end.

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36 replies on “Cowboys Break: Keep The Change? | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. It’s hard to say Zack Martin didn’t play well in that rams game, his knee wasn’t 100% and he was on Aaron Donald most of the game, one of the hardest guys to block in the league on the inside. He did the best he could

  2. The problem with the Cowboys offense last year was the redzone. And more specifically goal-to-go. Absolutely dead last in the NFL with goal-to-go. I believe Travis Frederick AND Jason Witten are gonna help TREMENDOUSLY in that department. Travis provides more power & athleticism than Looney. And Witten is a crafty blocker which we didn’t see a whole lot of from the TE spot last year.

    I also expect more plays from the passing game than we got last year. Amari is gonna be around for the entire season. Michael Gallup is gonna make teams pay for trying to take away Amari. Randall Cobb may not be as quick with the underneath stuff as Beasley but he’s no slouch in that area AND can provide more dynamic plays than Beasley.

    And Tony Pollard should be a nice X-Factor for Kellen Moore to use like the Saints do with Kamara, the Bears with Cohen, the Patriots with Burkhead.

  3. In the Clip from 11:25 to 11:55 why are they letting Pollard Cradle the Ball in that Manner? If he Carries the Ball like that in a Game it will be Stripped for a Fumble.

  4. casey addison I agree her Voice sounds Strange to the Ear but she makes Good Points and she is Easy on the Eyes.

  5. What is that dude talking about witten wasnt here last season Frederick wasnt here last season cobb wasnt here last season conner Williams has put on 15 lbs and we have a new offensive coordinator that seems like alot of changes to me they sure make alot of idiotic statements

  6. Nah there some big changes new oc amari cooper and Gallup are your no.1 and no.2 Cobb comes in no.3 Pollard drafted as a backup. Frederick is back. Witten is a starter.

  7. I don’t think he’s had much of Chance 7 tgt’s in 2018 caught 3. I remember at least 2 being uncatchable. His blocking was much improved.

  8. Antbeast23 don’t forget the changes to the oline coach midway through last year.. I believe the oline will continue to improve with or without Frederick

  9. Dude at least wait till practice starts for real until you whip out with the criticism

  10. oneofspades if he is doing it now it’s because he has Carried It that way in the Past. It needs to be Corrected. If he puts it on the Ground in Preseason he may get Cut and I don’t want that

  11. Rico was mainly used for blocking. Lol. Hes the only receiver with go up and get a ball skills. Lol. Thats all they should be doing in practice is practicing td catches because this te core spells doom in gloom in the scoring department. 1 td in 15 games by this te core must set some kinda gosh darn Guiness record for an everydown position. Lol. And the 1 td came on an uncontested 1 yard pass. Lol.

    None of these tes are any good at all its just whether or not we are stronger at the other positions to overcome the lack of winning production from this te dominated passing scheme. Its funny how every year its the same ole hype on this subpar te core. Which te is gunna be able to play every snap is the focus instead of which te is making plays and scoring and winning. We got these checkdown tes who are allergic to scoring and were content that everybody else has to get better besides them. Lol.

    The everydown te scheme hasnt died. Its still alive. Its 37 yrs old and 1/2 a decade past its prime. Off from a 1 year hiatus. The rest of the core has completely flatlined. Rico and schultz put up zeros and While Jarwin padded our te stats in the last meaningless game against the scrub Giants w 3 tds he still created as many or more turnovers. Im tired of watching the highlights of Earl Thomas. This te core looks like a train Wreck on paper if it plays every snap. Will the curse of Gronk and Hernandez ever stop? Can moore talk jerrah into less 11,12 and 13 personnell groups until we move on from the scrub te core.

    We got these checkdowners on the good hands teams. Lol. If their hands are so darn good how come they cant score but once every 15 games. Of course they muff the offsides kick and create turnovers and doesnt pick up 3rd down conversions which offsets the “One” Glorious day the Giants defenders slipped on a bananna peel on 3 separate occasions. Lol

    What coach leaves a bunch of non scoring short ballers in on long ball and Scoring plays? The CARROT TOP CLAPPER.. I’ll believe the Everydown te scheme is dead when i see it.

    Dak needs to be watching tape of warren moon. How to succeed in a te’less formation and here comes the 10 personnell and dual rb formations. This Te core is OVERDONE!!!

  12. I agree- use Rico in the red zone and throw him an accurate ball. Quit trying to make him a blocking TE- In his defense they have not used him correctly, just turn him loose and see what happens

  13. @ around 3:10, what the freak is she talking about??? Wholsale changes on the offense??? Where???

  14. @Big Country u liked his college tape uh , aside from him running high he carries the ball like a pro

  15. Rico isn’t really competing with Schultz-he’s competing with a sixth receiver or fifth or sixth corner.

  16. He really said “if jason witten is good enough” 😂 where have you been dude?! Who is that white boy, hes a dummy and absolutely should not be talking football at all. Sitting there staring down at the table telling cowboys fans “if witten is better than jarwin” 😂😂😂 tell this man to go home

  17. Rico can play, but will he get the snaps to show it. 6’8 or 6’9 in the red zone!??

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