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Morris is a really good pickup

    Jason Bradham

    For a backup

    Jason Bradham

    @West World you’re an idiot kid. No Zeke no super bowl I’ll bet 1000 dollars

    Jason Bradham

    @Mister West world is too stupid to take seriously

regory Adams

I love the cowboys

Reyna Duran

MIS Vaqueros. Los amo mucho mucho

Syncere Dufont

Rookie back from Memphis
Rookie of the year

    Syncere Dufont

    @Garrett Horsch very true.. But some draft picks be hungry.. They show and tell

    Garrett Horsch

    Syncere Dufont webbers highlights are pretty impressive as well.

    Garrett Horsch

    Syncere Dufont zeke is obviously thinking I don’t know how long I can do this so I had better get paid now instead of I am going to be the best I can be for my team as long as I can be.

    Syncere Dufont

    @Garrett Horsch true facts..

Michael Jackson

We dem boyz

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Michael Jackson We dem trouble makers

    Giffond Hall

    @Kamryn Vanatta fag

Cody Clayton

Stop freaking out about Zeke! It’s a total cat and mouse game

    JR Prod.


    Jason Bradham

    You can’t replace Zeke

Cody Clayton

Go read Jerry’s entire interview transcript. The media isn’t reporting the entire quote

    West World

    What JJ said was clear: you don’t need a rushing champion to win a SB, … and … he would like to win a SB with a rushing champion but does needed one.

    The Cowboys don’t need Zeke to win a SB. Zeke is still contracted to play for JJ for two years.

    The Holdout is only going to push JJ to proceed to win a SB without a rushing champion … and trade Zeke.

    Zeke is not going to get an extension.

    Rejoin the team and serve out the remainder of his contract … or …. hold out and be traded.

    JJ is now determined to win a SB with or without a rushing champion.

    Jason Bradham

    @West World you ain’t winning a SB without Zeke, he’s made this offense 3 years in a row, and your dumbass thinks committee is the direction. Go drink modern bullshit you idiot, you’re in the minority here.


I love how Ambar doesn’t hold back. She gives the most honest opinions which sound more like the fans. Dave just loves to hear himself talk but thinks he’s contributing something of substance.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    teampenn2007 You act like you know it all


    Agree with the Ambar part…the Dave part not so much he’s been the same for years and everyone liked him, what changed?

    Giffond Hall

    @serg74ful can’t stand him

    John Crabtree

    Amber gives little insight just states the obvious




I like it in the absence of Elliott, but man we have alot of backs that I would love to see what they can do .

    West World

    The 2016 Cowboys would have had a beast of a running game with McFadden, Morris, Pollard & Weber by committee … behind that great OL.

    The 2016 Cowboys did not need a “star” RB … but only a couple of good ones to share the duties.

    The #4 pick should have been for Jalen Ramsey, not Zeke.

    Cowboys could have got Jordan Howard in the 5th rd. The bears ran the hell out of holland for 3 years then traded him to the ….. Eagles.

    Look at all the RBs the eagles have. No “star” RB and rushing champion.

    JJ needs to trade Zeke … and pick up Shady or Ajayi to join Morris, Pollard, weber & Jackson for a beast of a running game by committee.

    Jason Bradham

    @West World dumbass, Zeke ate you and the league up. God you are stupid and low IQ.

Mister Mike S

I don’t blame Zeke at all for acting out. He knows his worth to the franchise is more vital than mediocre Dak will EVER be. The Jones family knows this. Signing Morris along with having Pollard and Weber will still never amount to #21, point blank. Super Bowl runs are made with ESTABLISHED, All Pro backs and stellar defenses so if you think Dak and this 3 piece combo at running back will get us to early February 2020, you Dak fans & Zeke haters are about the dumbest muthafuckas in the nation.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Mister Mike S Preach

    Jason Bradham


Jeff Jacobi

Ambar!!!!! …. YOWZA!!!!!

thadude 1

He is closer there than in Dallas as far as the flight time. I think. My geography is not reliable. 😁

gdubb 1228

I think we forget how bad we look when Zeke didnt play those 6 games we couldnt score at all

    gdubb 1228

    @Garrett Horsch the line had holes in it last yr as well and he lead the league in rushing and we made the playoffs…..

    Jason Bradham

    @Garrett Horsch blah blah blah blah blah drink Jerry’s kill aid. No Zeke it’s over but your crying.

    Garrett Horsch

    Jason Bradham lol how am I crying? I love having zeke and Dallas’s team is built around a run first mentality which I enjoy watching. All I said was then is a completely different situation from now with all the depth they have on the line, the receivers, the tight ends, and even to an extent the running backs. For you to ignore that shows me you don’t really know a lot about the team.

    Garrett Horsch

    Jason Bradham not to mention the defense. I am almost 100% positive zeke will be back at the latest the Monday before opening Sunday so I am not stressing but you obviously are.

Jason Bradham

Hey idiots pay the best back in football Zeke Elliott

John Crabtree

I think the cowboys success depends on how well dak plays this year zekes return is icing on the cake also ambar is terrible on this show

Lil Mac


Geno Bourn

Cool! You have Morris now! Now trade Zeke. Zeke can go somewhere else, get paid and rush for them. Simple solution. Everybody can stop your whining and move on! Like everyone says ” It’s business!

Anthony Lee

This group sucks…


Zeke holding out for what you still have 2 years on contract. him and get someone else he got suspended half a year last year … Morrison will do just fine

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