Cowboys Break: How D-Line Shakes Out | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Skeptical Fan

Zeke 🖕🖕🖕

Anthony Lee

The intro is terrible..

    Mike Doll


Anthony Lee

This show is miserable, depressing, and zero excitement… I hate that I have watch it to keep up with my Cowboys…


    There’s literally 2 other podcasts you can watch


    no one is forcing u to watch it lol



    jeremy wilson

    u need to stop taking drugs then making youtube comments


    @jeremy wilson if worst comes to worst this is the best option …if being optimistic is me on drugs I’m fine with that lol

    jeremy wilson

    @DSIC_SlyCoop yah drugs and unfounded optimism go hand in hand.

john gustafson

That girls voice uhhhh her broken English is horrible

    jeremy wilson

    well ur last name offends me its so “uhhhhh”

    Hicksfam Customz

    She’s sexy af you Tripping bro


    Uhhhhh I bet your second language sounds broken too.. Oh wait you can only speak English

Barry Murphy

Have a word with Garcia, that tantrum she threw just ruined what was actually a decent conversation about football.

    Feed Me Highlights

    What’s the time stamp?


    @Feed Me Highlights guessing he means 35:51

Chad Newberry

Fired! temper tantrums aren’t allowed

    Feed Me Highlights

    Chad Newberry when did she get mad?

Jeremy Anello

Crawford doesn’t make it

Doug Tyree

The Dline is the key, The Rams & Colts games proved our Dline was vastly OVERRATED! They were easily Dominated. Lets see what has changed this year? 1 Tech Woods is a backup at Best, new FA Signing Covington? Lets HOPE he can be a Starter @ 1T & make some impact. Of course Gregory Must Play & be able to Practice. (The nfl is a joke in his regard & Join my Boycott of other nfl products until they understand We The Peoples God Given Rights Freedoms & Liberties to Choose a Healthy Plant that has many medical uses much safer then the nfl sponsors) *Rant Off:
Will DLaw be Healthy & Strong enough to be the same Impact Player? Does Taco Have a Heart enough to be a Tough Player who has something to Prove? To me Mr. Ty Crawford has the most to …LOSE… Huge salary & is a Tweener, he is a Backup, Do we finally have enough Depth & Younger & Cheaper players to move on? Sorry Nice guy, good in the locker room but this is a Business. Armstrong could be the best “Newer” Player to make a Impact. Hill as Well MUST prove some Impact plays for us to Win the last game of the year 😉

gene tucker

Emmitt’s great line that had different players every year!! inside the 20 Emmitt killed Barry. the debate about the line being so great is like the idiots that say Larry helped them win multiple super bowls, 1 with Larry. the constant on the line year after year was Mark T and Nate. our line is good, but we have seen the difference without Zeke.

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