Cowboys Break: Getting Healthy? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Getting Healthy? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The Cowboys have a big showdown in New Orleans this week, but will they be at full strength with a few players expected to return from injuries?

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hotshotslayer Reply

Can’t wait til Sunday night! Go Cowboys!

    hotshotslayer Reply

    Gary Blount My exact thoughts! I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Dividend Income Reply

    It’s to please the soft society that we now live in. People will complain if you don’t have at least one female, minority, homosexual, transgender, blah blah blah on a tv show, radio show, etc..

    Samuel Johnson Reply

    hotshotslayer How about those cowboys

    hotshotslayer Reply

    Dividend Income 100% truth and I’ve had enough of it.

    Banter Reply

    @Gary Blount I like Ambar. Not sure why she gets so much hate.

Nintengo 1985 Reply

I’m sorry but I can’t believe how bad you guys are wrong on Gallup. Think we’ll be ok? You seemed surprised they couldn’t get open against Miami. I’m telling you it’s 1a and 1b with him and Coop. Michael Gallup is a weapon! Dani fine too.

Jason DOE Reply

Keep Dani….

    Tarikh Tehuti Bandele Reply


HemmHon Reply

All this talk about trading 1st round picks for players. Just use that 1st round pick and draft a game-changer.

    Eric Jefferson Reply

    HemmHon remember Taco was a first rounder they thought could be a game changer.

    HemmHon Reply

    @Eric Jefferson Yeah that didn’t really work out.

    Giffond Hall Reply

    @HemmHon wrong he still can ball


Whats the big fucking deal, this same defense stopped Kamara last year, so they are more than capable of stopping him and Thomas.

Kenneth Lott Reply

they still don’t get Dak!!! Dak will have over 5k passing yards and 50 passing touchdowns

    Giffond Hall Reply

    i don’t think so

    Kenneth Lott Reply

    Giffond Hall keep watching

Jammal Williams Reply

” I don’t hear about injury -ries from Eagles Fan’ Travis Fredrick’ is the best center in Football’ he was out all year long .

Giffond Hall Reply

cowboys will beat the saints but it will be close

Quinton Sanders Reply

Clogging that middle of the line is my issue

Quinton Sanders Reply

Who is this clown saying guys couldn’t get open Cobb should have had 100 on them but leave it to Connor Williams to take points and yards off the books

Jorge Hernandez Reply

Guys…Ambar or Dani?

    Silver Ancient Reply

    Most would say Dani. I think they are testing her out to see how she pans out.

    Adam Davidson Reply

    Jorge Hernandez
    Keep Dani

    Ryan M Reply

    I don’t want to hurt Ambar’s feelings or anything since she seems like a cool lady, but she just isn’t the right fit for this type of show.

    Mr. Unknown Reply


MrSpectralfire Reply

If Dallas traded for a really good interior defensive lineman I’d be excited but I wouldn’t be excited to see a 1st go for a DB

da Star Reply

I wish this group brought a little more life to the show because they’re a tad bit boring. They can definitely bring on the snooze.

    Tarikh Tehuti Bandele Reply

    True, but I think it’s worse when Ambar “I Don’t Really Like The Cowboys” Garcia is there. #trainwreck

Antbeast23 Reply

I think packers is a real threat. I think we can beat the rams.

Antbeast23 Reply

I want donovan wilson to play. Nd draft a safety early next year

cody clayton Reply

Compared to Dak Wentz is awful but Wentz and Rodgers gets every excuse in the book

Il Tack Bae Reply

Hope Pollard becomes the next Kamara!!! Sound like a similar start!!!

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