Cowboys Break: GB’s Weapons? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Angel Bank's Lopez

Love my 🐄 boys

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers undefeated in ATT stadium. Still going to be undefeated after this weekend.

    ETC Mob.


    Aaron Rodgers

    @ETC Mob. :Yep. Enjoy 8-8, cowboys

Wiz Bud

The Cowboys are going to have to run the ball. GB’s pass defense is no joke.

Jay Jones

Dak Prescott is the only QB that can put the ball on a receivers shoulder and it’s considered a miss. The ball was one foot off target but was 100% catchable. It wasn’t like Cobb had to reach for it, it hit him in his left shoulder when it was suppose to hit him on the right shoulder. That’s not a miss, that’s a dropped pass.

I’m sorry but Tom Brady doesn’t make that throw perfectly everytime, neither does Drew Brees or even Pay Mahomes. If that was Julian Edelmen, Tom Brady would be pissed that he didn’t catch that ball. There is no excuse for that drop. Cobb was thinking about the run after the catch more than securing the ball and having a first down. If the ball has to be perfect every time for the WR to catch the ball, guess what? That’s not a good WR and they won’t be in this league for very long.

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