Cowboys Break: Full Workload For Zeke? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Smkkill86 PS4 Reply

How bout them COWBOYS ✭ ✭

Dividend Income Reply

The $50 million guaranteed is essentially what the contract really is

I doubt Zeke will play out the contract.

    VanderWaals40 Reply

    He will have another off the field incident and he will be banned from the NFL. He is one incident away from that.

Elijah Ward Reply

zeke would be avg if cowboys had a bad O-line

    JUICE Reply

    Elijah Ward ur mom

    Caballero1152 Reply

    lol the Cowboys a bad Oline last season with 3 major injures throughout the season and Zeke lead the league in the rushing yards and was short 17 yards of most yards from scrimmage and its because he sat out the last game to rest for the playoffs.


    Elijah Ward zekes been dominant on every level he’s played on


    Elijah Ward zeke’s been dominant on every level he’s played on plus the oline wasn’t that great last year

Keyz And O's Reply

420th to view. That is perfect since I was sparking up a blunt will soaking up all Cowboys news. Great times, high times!

Corey Harris Reply

Well deserved for what all he brings to the table? They acting like they are upset or something

Ike.O Reply

This chick saying that the game on Sunday with the Giants is the best game to ease Zeke in huh? Zeke can handle the Giants with ease right? Keep under estimating the Giants.This is the NFL… you can be beaten on any given Sunday.

    Caballero1152 Reply

    Chill man lol the giants have trouble with their team right now thats why she’s saying its better that it’s the giants instead of the saints or bears lol

lazmaniandevil Reply

There’s armbar!!!

DSIC_SlyCoop Reply

Ambam! 4 pres!!!

Bone Daddy_13 Reply

Ambar 😍🔥

    Caballero1152 Reply

    check out her Instagram you won’t be disappointed 😁


We can’t over look the giants

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