Cowboys Break: For the Fans | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: For the Fans | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The crew turned it around in Friday’s episode, answering several questions that ranged from Zeke’s absence to Jason Garrett’s job security.

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arnold sanders Reply

I am only here for the chick.

    Joseph Sheldon Reply

    Anyone know her name?

    David Cantu Reply

    @Joseph Sheldon Ambar Garcia

Adrian Soto Reply

Ambar 🤩☺️

David Cantu Reply

I ___________ Ambar….

Tommie Jenkins Reply

Sean lee should be the linebackers coach why he’s still playing I’ll never know

Richard Yancey Reply

What is up with Daves arm

    player1 start Reply

    What’s up with being so sensitive? U here to save Ambar Mr. White Knight? You’re aware they know each other right? This your first wittle time watching the show? Why would u make that comment? Are u lonely? Comment sections aren’t for stream of consciousness my guy…..

Richard Yancey Reply

Zeke can block for Tony on certain plays

D in Colorado Reply

I hate when guys rest there arm on the back of a woman’s chair, who they aren’t dating.
Its such a possessive thing to do.
Plus, sit up straight.
Did his Mom not teach him any manners?

    david koeppen Reply

    definitely in her personal space!

    Antbeast23 Reply

    It’s not that serious man chill

K. Kenny M.S Reply

“Football Is Dirty” Lol It’s All Good Amber.. Appreciate Yall’s Show.. Very Informative 👏🏿

Angel Chavez Reply

Is it me or does it look like no one wants to be there today…. Not even Ambar. Whats going on? I get it that they do this as a podcast, but if on camera look more presentable… The more i try to listen to their commentary the more i get annoyed by their body language. Come on guys..

    david koeppen Reply

    I thought it seemed like 3 of them were more locked in than the other.

    Angel Chavez Reply

    @david koeppen agree they did get better towards the end. But David, is killing the vibe.

    Brian Waller Reply

    I’m sure you had days at work where you just were going through the emotions and not wanting to be there.

Calixto Villarreal Reply

stop yawning look professional

    Antbeast23 Reply

    Everyone has those days man

    player1 start Reply

    Turn it off. Leave forever. Explore the depths of the internet. You’re not being forced to watch. Your opinion is worthless. Worthless, having zero value. Please leave. You make everything worse.

david koeppen Reply

I like all these analysts but looking at David Helman he acts like he is not on camera compared to the other 3. Not nearly as professional looking with a lot of movements and doesn’t seem like he can sit still. Very lazy acting body language. It’s distracting compared to the other 3. Maybe he just needs to be on radio and write articles. Maybe they need to have tryouts every year to keep people sharp and interested in being their best.

    Brett Bender Reply

    Well that’s what this is, this is primarily a podcast. Just got a camera for YouTube

    Antbeast23 Reply

    Not a big deal honestly. They just having fun.

    player1 start Reply

    Maybe your opinions should be kept to yourself. Maybe choosing to turn it off is a better decision than getting triggered. Maybe shutting your face will benefit you in the future. Maybe you’re a child and I’m waisting my time. Maybe……

    david koeppen Reply

    player1 start whatever Helman

david koeppen Reply

It’s like the saying ” to get where you’ve never been you have to do something you’ve never done”. Look at the Eagles two years ago. They weren’t afraid to be creative and let it all hang out and they were rewarded with a championship.

Antbeast23 Reply

Idk why they resign the fb. I rather have a blocking fb. He’s more of a pass catching fb.

Giffond Hall Reply

dave hellman sucks

    player1 start Reply

    Your writing sucks. See, that was a complete sentence with correct punctuation. You should seek out a writing instructor.

serg74ful Reply

Told y’all Ambar is pregnant with Dave’s baby…he hittin that 😁

John Crabtree Reply

Why does helman act so casual just doesn’t come across as being very professional and i just dont think ambar adds any insight to this show

serg74ful Reply

She a dirty girl 😋😌

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