Cowboys Break: Earl-y Assumptions | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Earl-y Assumptions | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Here we go again. Should the Cowboys pursue Earl Thomas? The crew discussed that and other key position battles as we try to project the starters.

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RainyDay Gaming Reply


cristopher juarez Reply

Lets get it

Ian Good Reply

Cry Eagles cry!! Who run it? Dem boys

    Ian Good Reply

    @TheNuttiestNut no doubt, you nut

    Ian Good Reply


    John Cunningham Reply

    @TheNuttiestNut yeah whatever ur so called sheagles can’t stop all 3 of our recivers u can’t hold the defense the defense that has added a great pass Rusher in Everson Griffin and we also got aldon Smith we got Tyrone Crawford oh we got Poe we added Clinton dix and we added to WR Corp with addition of Cee Dee Lamb and the Cowboys have tons of weapons that the sheagles can’t stop when the so called division champion Philly sheagles play the Cowboys are going to make ur secondary look like elementary schoolers

    TheNuttiestNut Reply

    John Cunningham noooooo bro I’m a cowboys fan man 😭

    TheNuttiestNut Reply

    John Cunningham all you just said are facts tho 😎

Darkize Reply

let’s get him our safteys are not better than earl they are good but not better

Drizzling Reply


Cowboysfan 421 Reply


    Darkize Reply

    cross your fingers 🤞

    X. Reply

    We gotta pray bro

jordan weeston Reply

All the things he did in Baltimore is because he didn’t want to be there. He still wants to play for Dallas. I say go and get him on a one year prove it deal. He would benefit playing for the cowboys. He wants to be here and wouldn’t be a locker room problem here. #cowboys4life

    Ricky Salayandia Reply

    Totally agree

Jack Robertson Reply

We need earl Thomas

John Capo Reply

what are these EXPERTS smoking
are they following the news from the Ravens
the players & coaches are telling you he too DUMB or ARROGANT to study the playbook
what caused the fight ? – he kept FREE LANCING and compromising the defense

Reco C Reply

Every training camp at every level has a fight break out at some time. To say it’s unacceptable for it to ever happen means you need to get a better understanding of football and all the passion involved in the game.

Trey Manning Reply

Women talking about fighting 🤦🏿‍♂️ that happens in every loccer room

Norm Lee Reply

The team already has a problem child on defense in Trysten Hill and Randy Gregory. I don’t think a first-year coach wants to risk adding a veteran who now has a reputation of being a questionable locker room influence. And when the team acquired Haley, he was still an elite player who played a position that has a greater impact than a safety. The team should roll with what they have. Way too many red flags. But if they sign him, the contract’s guaranteed money should be contingent upon his behavior. And there is NO leadership on the defense that Thomas would listen to…because all of these players basically capitulate to Jerry and Thomas wouldn’t respect that. And Griffen didn’t have the poor locker room reputation that Thomas has–so it’s not about just waiting for a “deal.”

John Capo Reply

when someone shows you who they are – believe it
Raise your hand if you like working with a crazy co-worker
he is washed up – Seattle let him go for a reason
the Ravens paid the price for not doing their homework

Chicken Fried Reply

Why are we still talking about this, the cowboys aren’t gonna sign him, he is a locker room cancer, not a team player

C D Reply

Nice pun

duderr2 Reply

Dont sign the man, he’s semi washed

Robert White Reply

Today was the best AG has every done . Way to be a professional. The break was good today . Thank you for the great entertainment!!!

OG Whitfield Reply


Zach Hodge Reply



As long as Earl Thomas comes in to put in the work and be all about the team bring him in if he helps us win Let’s do it GO COWBOYS.

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