Cowboys Break: Defensive Struggle? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Aaron Pitts Reply


Whip Tech Reply

Eatman needs to go

    Luis Reply

    Leave my boy eatmen alone! Yall fuckers just got here. EATMEN BEEN HERE WAY BEFORE YALL.

    Brian Waller Reply

    Contact Derek then he’s the boss

    Whip Tech Reply

    @Swazie make me kid


Eatman the goat fr

Charles M Reply

I’m sensing tension between Dave and Ambar…🤔

Mauricio Sánchez Mejía Reply

Ambar is hot =)

    Ryan M Reply

    No doubt.

    Whip Tech Reply

    Smokin hot, but trying to hard to be in television. She is there for other reasons. It’s clear she has no background in the game, and they are coaching her up so “she can be on camera”.

Quinton Sanders Reply

He’s talking like a fool 😂 did I hear that right no confidence in Cobb?

Quinton Sanders Reply

He’s a idiot I had to rewind it SMH turn in your damn Mic

Quinton Sanders Reply

Kellen Get Freaky And RPO until a team can stop it Eli Apple can get smoked with ease

Jamykael Turner Reply

This season is a weird one. With the way injuries are happening and teams are winning if the cowboys can stay healthy overall I honestly see them in the super bowl. I promise i am being realistic and not a fan boy. Cowboys Patriots rematch in the super bowl. The cowboys will win the regular season game 24-20 and lose the rematch in the super bowl 34-17.

Chase Dunten Reply

lots of negative test results are positive, that guys duuuuumb

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