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Reid Warner

Ambar getting Taco’d

    Chris White

    she does something else on Tuesday!

    Adrian Soto

    Good. Ambar the only reason I tune in

Anthony Lee

Nick is bust..

    Brian Waller

    He’s been employed by the team for over 10 years hard to say that’s a bust

    Eric Jefferson

    Brian Waller replace him, he’s not hard to upgrade.

    Dennis Gaynor

    Nick is one of the best on here give me a break

    Anthony Lee

    @Dennis Gaynor Hes the worst… Always doom and gloom.. smh

    Dennis Gaynor

    Nate is the worst love him but so hard to listen to

Jammal Williams

Good points” to me League need to expand the Roster” my opinion to 63- 73. The game is to violent not to,Com- on NFL.” Step up to the plate .

Jammal Williams

” No don’t trade 🌮” it’s Taco Tuesday” Com- on man..

gene tucker

sooo tired of the double standard for regular people and nfl players! i have no problem with what Crawford did. no one knows what was said or done before the videos. And TMZ should be banned!! only out there trying to and wanting to ruin peoples lives. GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!


    Ur right but that’s how tmz makes there money. People probably sale those videos to tmz for some good pocket money

John Crabtree

Ill b so glad when these contracts are done so we can talk football contract talk is such a beating


    It’s crazy that the whole NFL world has been dragged into constant Dak contract talk. The Cowboys are something else.

dick chasin

Hahaahhahahahahhahahahahhaha lol… Nick with the Peterson beating his kids joke made me laugh so hard at work.

Verl Keeler


nader shayeb

Trade Ambar for this girl

David Cantu

Love my girl Amber, but Dani is a nice change…

gdubb 1228

Yall crazy …..


There were four healthy scratches. There HAD to be four of them. With no third QB, four good players were healthy scratches. Consider that Lawrence and Crawford just got off PUP, what, two weeks ago? It’s too soon to jump to conclusions.

Dr. Bass M.D.

Need Blair back she was hot

Heri Salazar

Who thinks Taco saw the writing on the wall and Balled out in preseason to create a high light resume for when they release him…

Reckless Matt

This girl is way better than Ambar imo.

    Trevor Waldon

    Waaaaaayyyyy better

Rmf 22

love how everytime Dani talks they do a close up on her face with the camera lol..not that I’m complaining..

Great One

I love her voice


Play Make Her sounds like a condescending show. I assume ladies that are into football want to hear X’s and O’s as much as the guys do but what do I know?

Bill Bates

where’s Amber?

Mark Frederick

I don’t know why there is so much attention paid to contracts. I dont care. Who is playing and what is the game plan for next week!

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