Cowboys Break: Bottom of the Roster? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Bottom of the Roster? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

We take a closer look at a few guys that haven’t been talked about lately, but are making some noise out on the field. Plus, are we concerned about injuries at this point?

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Cowboy fans, should Elliot be the highest paid RB in NFL History?

    Stephen Rasco

    Everyone knew what they were getting themselves into after seeing that 2015 Season. We lost Murray, Dez, and Romo all that year. Everyone knew whoever was coming into those positions were getting thrown into a pond of sharks. That’s a lot of responsibility for rookies at those positions. Yet they knew. Witten and Beasley had helped carry that load so it wasn’t all just on Zeke.

    Shenanigans Nuts

    No, his holdout this early on is selfish too. Rb is an easy spot to replace.

    Jason Bradham

    Yes no comparison


    Stephen Rasco they didn’t lose Demarco, they let him walk after using him up the previous season, which Zeke saw.. Where did Witten and Beasley help carry those 354 touches Zeke got? They didn’t, they did their jobs which isn’t close to the amount the team puts on Zeke year after year… RBs have a small window in this league and are insanely devalued because of the NFLPA. That’s who y’all should be blaming for all of this. Not the players and not the owners.

    Jason Bradham

    @Shenanigans Nuts no you’re easy to replace

Jon Rodriguez

I just watch to see Ambar G.😍😍

Mike Lopez

Yes Amber is sexy


Ambar is sexy as hell 😍

    Feliciano Russell

    Hell yeah she is


    Is she with Dave ? Or am I picking up the wrong signal?


    @Jonathan oh he hittin that for sure

Mike Sparks

that lady is so purty!

Jason Bradham

Pay Zeke you hypocrites.

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