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Vampire Prince

Go Cowboys

Clark England

How about Them Cowboys!!!

Jd Hendrix

The 1 dislike was a giant fan


    6. lol

Horace williams

Isn’t that one of the complaints about the cowboys that the red zone was the dead zone for the cowboys?


The giants expected the handoff, handoff, short pass routine and kellen moore made their heads explode. Them New York fellas didn’t know what to do with themselves.

Chris Gutierrez

They didn’t give ZEKE the ball that much he only had 13 carries that’s why the run game wasn’t much of a factor not because the Giants stopped the run game

    Henry Hill

    Nick is a idiot. How about you learned that Dak and these players excile with Moore calling the plays . Scott calling this game we won by a fg .


Great QBs abuse bad defenses, Dak abused the Gaints’ defense.

Bobby Ice McCall

Dak, Gallup, Cooper, Jarwin, Witten, Cobb, Austin, Polard, Zeke & the O-Line Dallas has weapons GO COWBOYS🇺🇸🏈☝

    Jay Jones

    And that’s not even counting Devin Smith who I wanna see get in the mix. The boy is a play maker.

Nintengo 1985

Randall Cobb fighting for that first down lit this team. It changed everything.

    Big Trk Drvr 21

    I’m wit you on that. He was not going to be stopped

gene tucker

OK NICK!!! you brought up DEZ. When Romo was there he played in the slot. they are better, but lets be fair. Dez’s down years were QB play and not just Dak, but the dumbasses we had in 15

david koeppen

I’m very glad the offense allowed the defense a week to come in and get acclimated with some of the defensive starters playing for the first time since having surgery. Hopefully they will be able to take the next step next week. I think the Washington game is going to be much more of a challenge for our offense. They have much better pass rushers and secondary players so we will need to limit them on offense. I still think the offense will play well but don’t expect a perfect offensive performance on the road against a conference opponent who just lost and will do anything to avoid going down 0-2.

Greg Blevins

I’ve watched the cowboys since the 1960s and this team really recognized what was happening, the box loading means Dallas was going to burn them, effortlessly.

Doug Tyree

Still BIG Questions on the Dline, Its sad Ty Crawford, starts…UGH He is a backup at best & should be cut when Gregory & Quinn return. The D gave up a BOATLOAD of yards & the Oline didn’t get much push in the running game. Plenty to work on & improve as a TEAM! Peace, pass it on.

    Eric Jefferson

    Idiotic comment

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

CANNOT sleep on the Turdskins, they always play us tough, especially at home.

    Alberto Morelos

    Yeah thats true but there will be at least half cowboys fans at that crappy stadium. No home field advantage!!


Defensive line has to do better next time. Did not put enough pressure on Eli, and couldn’t stop their RB or TE.


Oh and I still love Ambar!!!!

arnold sanders

I can’t help it. I HAVE to be sexist. Damn “she fine” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

thomas roberts

Dallas Superbowl music coming out onto field should be ” The Boys Are Back In Town ” by Thin Lizzy and if it isnt their come out of the tunnel on home gms it should be! Go Boys!!


Took 12 mins for them too mention Daks name , Kellen did a great job ,but Dak executed the drives and then nick goes straight into the throws that had a little difficulty as bad throws … good grief man!!!!! let Romo go already !we know that was your bestie lol nick never believed in dak lol


that Cowboys defense picked right up where it left off against the rams….no ability to stop the run

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