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This topic was a waste of 15 minutes of the show

Anthony McDonald

Donovan Wilson have number 26

    Dr. Bass M.D.

    I wish he keeped 37, looked good on him

    Anthony McDonald

    @Dr. Bass M.D. yeah dude put you in the mind of James Washington.


Ambar es muy bonita.

da Star

This not signing is getting way too much attention. It’s not that big of a deal. You don’t get to tell athletes what to do 24/7 no matter how much you spend on merchandise. I’m with Tank on this all day everyday.

    Pepe Baeza

    Great show… Keep it up.

Mark Frederick

Tyrone Crawford is bad at both D-line positions and his versatility is stopped the coaches to put pure specialist in their positions.

    Giffond Hall


    gene tucker

    so who should they have put out there then?

    Stewart Robinson

    He played. Good last year

    Mark Frederick

    @Stewart Robinson yea he played good for him but that’s not saying much. What position do you think he is good at and why?

    Stewart Robinson

    @Mark Frederick dt. Can use he’s speed better inside!! De. A little to slow. But plays the run good

Giffond Hall

we gotta stop AP plain and simple


D-Law has a brilliant, but dry sense of humour, it was damn funny. The only person who deserves criticism is the parent for making a big deal out of it.

Michael Miller

Can this one guy open his mouth without saying “like” 3 or 4 times in a sentence..drives me crazy.

Craig Manning

That fact that the ‘parent’ in question posted this to social media tells you more about her character then DLaw’s.

Elodiaee Rojas

Tank doesn’t have the responsibility to give autographs. Parents stop sending your kids to do things like that.

Jon Rodriguez


carlos garcia

Taco is about to be on the move


Sooooooo sensitive … omg he wouldn’t sign for an opposing fan … if I were that guy, I’d be like ok … these guys are hardasses. But noooooooo in the new NSJWL it’s all about being offended.


Taco Charlton is a left defensive end that they’re trying to play at right defensive end. Square peg in a round hole.

Ernesto Sánchez

He should have been more gentle with the kid thats what I think

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