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Dean F

Bad coaching….

Plantbased Outdoors

People are blaming it on coaching. Blaming it on penalties. Lets call it like it is. The Saints have a good defense and we just got outplayed. Nothing more to it. Now lets move on and focus on the Packers.

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    I Agree with EVERYTHING that you said…👍👍


    What? You refuse to overreact? You’re not gnashing your teeth or screaming for heads to roll?

    Good for you. I’m a longtime Cowboys fan, but I think the team is not nearly as good as people think they are.

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    @SaulBadd Time will tell for sure…I’m not letting one game determine an entire season.


At least it’s a good wake-up call for the Packers game. Learn from the mistakes and get things right.

Damion Cooke

Just because defensive coordinator coach Dennis Allen knows about Zeke Elliott he doesn’t know Tony Pollard

Den den

NO vs DALLAS, That game sold and players knew it. Offensive played very badly

Dark World

You guys are so bad lmao


What happened to Kellen Moore? It looked like Scott Linehan was calling the plays. Zeke running all the time for no yards. I had nasty Linehan era flashbacks.


    NoxZero I said that exact same thing last night! We went back to last years offensive scheme. Why!??🙄


This was a lesson learned early in the season. To me it just sets the rest of the teams up for butt whippings. I really like how both the offense and defense took full responsibility. No need of finger pointing , it only points four fingers at yourself or complaining, it removes taking responsibility so proud our guys didn’t do that. They respect and believe in each other. Expect awesome results for our teams future including this season. We are really a better team and we will have a prosperous season this year. We have great players, a great Team! Still super bowl bound watch and see😉 Go Boys

GetMoney23 The King

I understand it’s a wake up call but we are sick and tired of “learned lessons” from the boyz we’ve been dealing with those types of games for years and the shits old…. What went down last night was inexcusable from players and coaches and they don’t need to have another fucking game like that period, I don’t care where the hell they play

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