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JERRY WORLD is slowly building a reputation like the Saints have in the Superdome. It will soon be known as a
Real HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE for us, instead of an Art Gallery!👍🏾


    I think it already is, last year we won every game but 1 at home and before the Amari trade we lost all of our away games.

    # iWatch FILM

    @ChowdhuryRayan Yup, but it takes a few years of consistent winning at Home to become a true 12th man.
    A place where ANY team we face @ home is automatically underdogs.
    We not there yet. Too much teams had success beating us at home

The List

Jeff Heath vs. Aaron Rodgers

Bold Prediction Jeff Heath will have a sack and a interception against Rodgers.😆

    Quinn Lacey

    That’s not too hard to believe! Jeff Heath is a beast.



Jerry Baldwin

Church as far as Amari is concerned, Im curious why you did not realized he was hurt. He could not make cuts or run N one is use to seeing him struggle and called PI twice on him though Kamara does it all the time but people are use to it. So he and Gallup both are injured so our Rs core is limited. You know bette. Check on info before you speak. You are a football player. C’mon!

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