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Jerrold Davidson

On madden 20 Micheal Gallup is beast mode!!!1

Scotten Taylor

Hello first


Everyone’s making a move except……guess who….

    Brian Waller

    Garrett isn’t going anywhere


    @Brian Waller …and neither are the Cowboys


The Cowboys should get Urban Meyer as their coach. If they do, I would be hyped.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Cowboys fans, THINK BIG, THINK Belicek in Dallas. Jerry fix this, make it happen!

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Also, Witten has spiked the ball before!!!

    Tyler Main


one love

In a way this is good that’s it’s over because had they backed into the playoffs the false illusions of how good they were would have continued. Jerry is scared to pull the trigger on Garrett which makes no sense seeing how easily he released Jimmy Johnson and that man had won back to back Super Bowls.


Happy new year folks. Cowboys may make the right moves.


The more they drag this out the more I feel like garret is staying 😔

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