Courtland Sutton, Justin Simmons, Tim Patrick & more make plays on Day 10 of Broncos Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fish and Pheasant

Can we get an overhead view I’m getting dizzy watching these


    Fish and Pheasant they need to just practice at the stadium for now on.

    andy botelho

    they don’t want to show scheme to the public (patriots). all media coverage for all teams pretty much release content shot in this way.

Parker Smith

Sad seeing 88 on another player

    Glen Bonura

    a change hopefully woke him up

    Leonel Pelayo

    Righy doesn’t feel right


*The Courtroom*

Jayden Marshall

0:19, that was cool and well timed lol

Kaniya Seabrooks

Justin Simmons been making a lot of plays this camp maybe Fangio is the best thing that happen to him

    #1 Broncos fan!

    Vic fangio is the best thing that happened to everyone

    Glenn McKnight

    Kaniya Seabrooks facts


Everyone looks great in training camp. I’m not ready to make a prediction for the season. However, I’m not sure they’ve done enough to close the gap with Chiefs and Chargers.


    While both of those teams should still be very good, they won’t be what they were last season. The Chargers are the kings of disappointment when expectations are high… and the Chiefs, well surely teams have figured some things out about them; usually how it goes after an offensive season like they had.

    Tummi Fitness

    Chargers are inconsistent from year to year. I don’t think they exceed 9 wins this year. Chiefs will be good because of Reid and Mahomes but did they sure up that defense? They’re similar to the 2013 Broncos who had to win in alot of shootouts. As exciting as it is to watch, its simply not championship winning football. If we want to talk about closing the gap between us and anyone, our focus needs to be on who it should always be – New England.

    J T

    @Tummi Fitness Denver is still a 500 at best team IMO.

Word Life

Holy cow 33 is fast!

    AyySavage YT

    That’s what I said

    YFN Caution


    Drink In

    @YFN Caution Khalfani Muhammad i think.

    YFN Caution

    @Drink In thanks I found out

    Word Life

    @Drink In yep


I’m loving the joe Flacco and Courtland Sutton chemistry it’s been improving.

    Brandon Zimmerman

    His chemistry had been improving in training camp every year for the Ravens, that’s why he is on the Broncos. As a Ravens fan, I hope he does well, but don’t put any stock into his training camps.

Deshawn Atlaz

Who is #33?

    Phillip Lindsay

    Khalfani Muhammad

    Deshawn Atlaz

    Phillip Lindsay yea I see he came from Tennessee he def gone get a spot


MUHAMMAD got darren sprole’s speed in this highlight


    Yeah he caught my eyes too, I was thinking damn he fast.

Cubecraft Banned

Who’s ready to watch Rypien publicly shame drew lock for being a bust the next few weeks?!

    Fsu08 Alvarado

    MC PizzaRayce I personally think Locks way better QB and you’ll see 4 yourself

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Fsu08 Alvarado Rypien is lightyears ahead of lock. Let’s be realistic here

    Cubecraft Banned

    @MC PizzaRayce Nice, same

    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza

    The same fag hating once again!!!

    MC PizzaRayce

    Fsu08 Alvarado I mean we have our own opinions so you could be right but we will see who is better during the next few games

Jerome Schulze

I want to see 33 and 48 make our running back roster and cut booker ..

    Seth Kanirie

    Bookers our best past blocker and receiver out the back field


    Seth Kanirie lol everyone knows damn well we throwing when booker is out there 😂

    Seth Kanirie

    @9oh7Hockey that’s what I’m saying tho that’s why he’s there

    Kevin Wu Films

    Only three running backs will make the roster.

Josh G

Go denver

Zac Couch Vlogs

Sutton is gonna have a break out year

Derek Lush

Muhammad looks FAST

Rj Fernandez

59 seconds really????

Glenn McKnight


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