Courtland Sutton, Joe Flacco, Noah Fant & more stand out on Day 8 of Broncos Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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#1 Broncos fan! Reply

Let’s go offense!

Maurizio Zurita Reply

Bro the deep balls are lookin good with joe 👀

    Joseph Eckert Reply

    He’s got a 75 yard arm the problem is that offensive coordinators don’t trust him to throw it long. I miss Joe as a Ravens Fan. He’s much better than Lamar. Give him some receivers and he’s chucking it

    Malachi Reply

    Joseph Eckert I’ve been watching more broncos videos than ravens videos and I’m a ravens fan too. Really rooting for Joe this year, and you’re completely right.

    Officer Krupke Reply

    same here. Suggs didn’t like the way things went last year so he bailed. Still pissed at Harbaugh for sitting Joe out after he recovered from injury.  Front Office selling off team to save money.

    Omega Lee Reply

    @Malachi yea me too lol. Joe gonna ball

    Micheal Goff Reply

    Throwing bombs thats what he does

Gislain N Reply

This is probably the best offensive day yet!!

    Jeff Garcia Reply

    Gislain N it was

ianxboss Reply

I was there to see it

Uso Penitentiary Reply

That 50 yard bomb to Sutton was damn good. And the days are getting close to where Jake “I can’t stay on the field” Butt is no longer on the roster.

    payday64 Reply

    I don’t see the problem with keeping him for one more seasons. He’s a good TE his only problem is staying healthy. Two years isn’t exactly fair to judge.

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    payday64 that’s the exact problem… he can’t stay healthy. The best ability is availability and he’s failed to be healthy. 3 torn ACLs and an undrafted rookie TE making the most of his opportunity in camp count is a recipe for a pink slip. Then we drafted a TE and brought Heureman back? Butt is done in Denver. Training camp started last week and he had a bit of a setback so the more time he misses, the more unlikely he’d be to make the team. They aren’t going to carry 5 TEs on the roster especially one that has only played 3 games in 2 seasons.

    cannon5kid Reply

    Jeff Heuerman is hardly any better with being on the field. And he was given an extension that makes it easy to slip out of next year.

    eureka0521 Reply

    @Uso Penitentiary let’s hope Noah can break the TE curse we’ve had the last few years..every year we get excited about a potential TE, then they end up being a bust. smh.

#1 Broncos fan! Reply

Big dalton risner66. Putting in work!

Hotshot Bronco Reply

I hope we win the AFC West.

OrangeCRUSH 480 Reply

Dont sleep on the little playing time Booker will get this season. Hell of a catch

    The Discussion Reply

    SangheiliWarrior people hate him because his rookie year he was expected to be the franchise back and he didn’t play too well.

    OrangeCrush 916 Reply

    The Discussion yea and they ignore we had a bottom 5 oline that year and the next ..last year was his first time with a decent oline 5.4 ypc is the same as Lindsay 😴😴😴

    eureka0521 Reply

    might have had something to do with him looking like a total beast in college and raising peoples expectations? i was never all that excited, he doesn’t have the frame to be an elite back, or the speed to make up for it.

    Tracy Snow Reply

    He’s the man! Been towing the line forever and I am glad he is still with us!

    Howard Martin Reply

    I knew I wasn’t the only only one who saw that catch..

BigMarkDaDon Reply

I see #10 back out there 💪🏿

ray ray Reply

I saw lots of catches by sutton , Sanders and Winfree

    Thiccy Smalls Reply

    Only He-man could back from an Achilles tear so early. Total belief that he’s the 1 and Sutton is 2.

    Sam Bert Reply

    Thiccy Smalls Sutton will likely play the traditional X “WR1” role but sanders will probably be the better player

    Whitey O'Banion Reply

    I hope so, wasn’t sold on him last year.

    Sam Bert Reply

    Whitey O’Banion nah bro we should be rooting for him to turn into DT 2.0

SangheiliWarrior Reply

Last practices Fant has been consistently playing at a high level. And doing a pretty good job blocking

Ali Razvi Reply

Just a ravens fan here coming over to check up on my guy Joe!

Maaayn!! Let it rip!!!
I miss him!

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Christopher Howell Chris I will think of you every time I see him throw the long bomb for a Bronco touchdown! I love to see someone who is true to their player!

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Christopher Howell Sorry, I gotta check it out. My car blew a head gasket so I been a little distracted. LMFAO. I go see. 🙂

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Christopher Howell So, when I watch these they blow by so fast (with truly great music!) I can’t tell who is throwing what to who. 🙂

    Jean Gray Reply

    Miss him too!

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Jean Gray Never fear! He’s in Bronco Country. We will take good care of him.

Lucas B Reply

Haven’t heard much about Jano and George Aston .. anybody who was there have any info about our FBs ?

Tyler H Reply

Love seeing my boy Juwann killing it. Sko Buffs!!

Damion Pinales Reply

I truly believe we’ll be better than last season. Especially at the upgrade of HC and QB. We went 6-10 with a defensive coordinator who really didn’t do anything special down in Miami and a one year wonder with keenum. Anybody who knows football know that’s our HC Fangio is probably top 5 defensive coordinator. Proof is in the pudding. Let’s get it BroncosCountry.

Cliff Hanger Reply

I fancy the Broncos this year

Maybe it’s because I’m a Broncos fan but just maybe because I think they’re a genuine chance at lifting the Lombardi again.

    Tracy Snow Reply

    I fancy them too. Yes. I am a Bronco fan. LMAO. You made me laugh with that comment.

    Whitey O'Banion Reply

    I think I’m going to put some money down on it. Flacco is hated on so bad there is a tilt in perception and thus expectation of what we will do this year. Broncos stock going to be rising, buy when its low.

    Cliff Hanger Reply

    @Whitey O’Banion exactly my friend but don’t break the bank. It’s always good to get on early for the best price.

Gabriel Vargas Reply

Looks like coach finally told joe to just let it rip
God damn!

Trev Or Reply

as long as Bolles doesnt false start 5 times a game were looking pretty good.

Tracy Snow Reply

I am so zoned in on looking for #10! Emmanuel Sanders is God’s way of saying F**** the Steelers!!! (Sorry Seestore) I LOVE #10

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