Courtland Sutton: Drops are ‘unacceptable’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Maurizio Zurita

He’s going to have a come up year this year👀

    TheReel TravisScott

    I 2nd this motion!


    Not if he keeps dropping passes in practice

Oscar Pulgarin

He drops all kinds of passes DT 2.0


    DT 2.0 isn’t a bad thing

    Oscar Pulgarin

    @Broncos Stampede he dropped all kinds of passes last season too

    Oscar Pulgarin

    @Aaron Weaver he’s big for nothing lol

Jerome Schulze

He will be gone next year if he don’t step up..seeing to many drop passes from this weak chump..he will not be #1 anywhere..Tim patrick will be #1 guy in denver

    Sherminater 24

    Seriously? Cutting ur 2nd round pick 2 seasons in after hes done nothing but eat? Ur insane

    Ty Angel

    Jerome Schulz. C’mon man you sound like a lame hater. Might as well be a raider fan

    Max Power

    the gag here is that patrick had two drops the other day but chumps like YOU clearly have selective vision

    Uso Penitentiary

    Weren’t you the same one that said that Patrick would be the one that breaks out over Sutton and Hamilton? Patrick has dropped just as many passes so does that mean he’ll be gone too? Stop being foolish and let these dudes grow

    The Intellectual Observer

    Don’t cheer on his Plays and TDs he makes this year. Hate on Hater.

Dan Kehrig

Did he learn his speech from DT?!?! Play like you make money dude!

Aaron Weaver

Dude looking thicker

    Corey Bentsen

    Trying to get that DT body


To all the people saying DT 2.0 , DT always had hands except for his last year or two here in Denver and being called DT 2.0 isn’t necessarily a bad thing

    Cristian Monrial

    Eriik I’m calling him past prime DT.

    Can’t catch, physical corners will erase him.


Someone tell this guy to take off his shoulder pads 💪

Irish Rocker

Soon as Joe figures out Sutton is a basketball player the sooner Joe will get him wired. Three guys on him last year and he comes down with it


They play a lot of snaps during practice his snaps arent a big deal. This kid shows a lot of upside


Go Broncos!

Andrew Trigueros

He has always had suspect hands, this is nothing new, he doesn’t seem like he can track the ball super well, like he loses it mid flight. Still a great athlete but its somthing were just gonna have to live with.


I forreal thought he still had his shoulder pads on. oh man no DB wants to jam this guy no way no how

Ty Angel

My boi Cortland needs to relax and get into a rhythm. Mental he is going too fast. I believe he will be great, just needs to conquer his own mind. He has flashed like a true #1. He is very self aware and know where he game is lacking. He will put in the work and lay you doubters to rest.


were talking about practice right? dude just said hes working on the route tree, then clearly said its about focusing on finish the play by catching the ball. IN PRACTICE. im not saying its okay to drop passes. but hes clearly working on areas that he feels need work. And WHEN he puts the two together its money!!!

Karl Cross

Boy, Courtland is so young. I hope he works out…. we need a good WR out there with Sanders. He talks pretty straight forward. I like it, comes across as honest and heart felt.

Ryan Alexander Bloom

He played better the DT last year. That’s something.

Colorado MtnRider

You can really tell the coaches have gotten on him about drops with how times he emphasized it can’t happen. He’s a good interview, it’s nice to hear real responses instead of canned answers that don’t really address the questions. Hooefully he can make a leap this year. Go Broncos!

John Seneff

Its eye hand coordination

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