Could This Be the Most Talented Bucs Offense Of All-Time? | Bucs Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Could This Be the Most Talented Bucs Offense Of All-Time? | Bucs Insider

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips report on the latest news ahead of the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers.
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Trey Medlow Reply

How is this even a question? Of course it is

bleach Reply

How is this even a question? of course it is

Chris Walls Reply

This is best bucs team

Foreveryoung917 Reply

Imagine if this team had a proper preseason and offseason

    Brent Francis Reply

    Imagine if O.J. Howard was healthy

    Jim D Reply

    Or proper coaching!

    Brent Francis Reply

    Jim D this team has great coaching. The real weakness of the team is special teams

    LukeDuke04 • Reply

    Every other team had the same problem so that is an invalid point

swapnil mishra Reply

Evans, Godwin, AB, Miller
Gronk, Cam, OJH
Rojo, Lenny, Shady
Ryan, Ali, Alex, Donovan, Wirfs, Stinnie

Suh, Vita Vea, JPP, McLendon
Shaq, Devin, Lavonte
SMB, Antoine, Carlton, Dean, Edwards

Do I even need to say anything else?

    Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS Reply

    Are you putting by position? Seems like you are so JPP should’ve been down there with Shaq, Devin and Lavonte since JPP plays OLB not DE. They run a 3-4 scheme

    Robert Oakherst Reply

    @swapnil mishra oh ya. Ok you said it all then.

    Kelvin Barber Reply

    U left out Tyler Johnson who should take AB place if he cant play. He has potential, he just needs more time on the field. He has AB hands.

    swapnil mishra Reply

    @Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS yeah you right man! My bad

    swapnil mishra Reply

    @Kelvin Barber he is good! But I would feel really good if AB is in there

Mike Bastoni Reply

The goat doesn’t have anything to prove. He proved it this year to the world go tampa bay. This team will handle cold weather tampa bay will get Rogers to choke Brady and the tampa going to superbowl

    P Pumpkin Reply

    Tom seems more relaxed and confident than I’ve ever seen him. Possibly because he feels he has nothing to prove.

Dean Sackney Reply

Objectively, yes. Subjectively, yes.

1motorcitychop Reply

Antonio Brown you better play you be doing all that hip rolling and belly flexing in your little Instagram videos you better play 😊😊

    Hiroomi Takahashi Reply

    I mean is he not playing????? At time teams throw a hard or soft double coverage on elite players like AB in order to take them out the game but by doing so allows the others to get more “open” and better looks….which is why godwin is a total let down the last two games……dropping balls left and right and especially touchdown passes……notice how 2nd game after that last touchdown dropped pass it was like fck this guy and brady started either calling other plays or not even looking at godwin….anyways lets hope ab is at least healthy….

Chris Melvin Reply

Wait until next year when they an actual training camp

P Pumpkin Reply

Too much focus on how great we are. We need more humility and focus on how to beat Green Bay. One good way to get beat is to walk in and think you’re entitled to win because you’re so great.

    Wolverine Smith Reply

    Yes, the Packers are the #1 seed, playing at home. That is always going to be a tough game, especially when that home field is Lambeau.

    It’s easy for fans to get over-hyped because the Bucs spanked GB earlier in the season, but they forget that the Saints had beaten the Bucs twice and the second time was a complete humiliation for Tampa. We saw what happened the third time around, so football can be quite unpredictable at times.

    I’m sure that Brady and Arians are not taking this game light. They’ll be as prepared as they can be. Hopefully they’ll call a good game, not relying on how they beat these guys before, because it’s sure that GB will change it up. The Bucs certainly have the talent to beat anyone, as long as they have the right game plan and are ready to change it up if the Packers come with an unexpected game plan.

    We haven’t seen the Bucs make a run like this since 2001, so I hope they can do it this year or next. I doubt I’ll ever see them go all the way again if they don’t.

    Pam Michaud Reply

    @Wolverine Smith oh yes they will. They be there again next year

    Dasani605 Reply

    Fans talking or making predictions etc won’t have any effect on both Championship games this weekend! I’m a Pats fan I would definitely know about this

    Wolverine Smith Reply

    @Pam Michaud I sure hope so. It’s been a long time coming, but the Packers are tough to beat at home. I hope the Bucs have a good game plan and don’t just rely on what they did earlier this season to win. I am sure the Pack will come with some surprises, just like the Saints did with that double reverse for the score. Luckily it wasn’t a close enough game to make the difference, but in a closer game, that could have done it. The Bucs need to be prepared for that kind of nonsense. Go Bucs!

    Pam Michaud Reply

    @Wolverine Smith it’s up to them to have the mentality to come out there and play hard and aggressive like they did with saints. Brady is hard to beat in playoffs as we all know. It will be tough but they control there own destiny

Billy Manziel Reply

This offense is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a successful “Super Team” in the NFL. They were already stacked and then you add a 6x champ as QB and a bunch of pro bowl guys that followed him to chase a ring like fournette, AB, and gronk.

Zach Lee Reply

this is the most talented bucs team.

jack woods Reply

Brady being the Great Decision maker along with his Leadership is what makes this skilled offense come together to be Successful…

Jitendra Sawala Reply

Wow everyone is underestimating brady for next match.
I mean NO were favourites and they got beaten.
Still there are some people doubting brady after 6 rings.
Seriously dudes get a life.
He is and always will be the GOAT
Fan from India

    Wishing B Reply

    Yes, they always seem to underestimate Tom Brady. His whole career.

joe filipelli Reply

Godwin needs to get them hands back on track.. he’s come up with a case of the dropsies at the most inopportune time… needs to lock in and focus… in the words of tb12, “laser focus”

    Neil Semple Reply

    Yeah marquise Goodwin isn’t good so glad we have Chris Godwin

    Hiroomi Takahashi Reply

    How he drop balls with those glue like gloves they have nowadays…..such a let down. After that last touchdown dropped pass i was like yea hes done…..brady for sure is not going to look his way anymore and probably tell him in the most friendliest of ways after games…you drop passes like that again and you’re definitely gone next year,,,,,,,,but if im correct godwin is free agent right? Anyways dude needs to get it together quick ….. or at least make him useful and just make him block lol

Devin Dupree Reply

Once they win the Super Bowl I’ll give them the BEST OFFENSIVE Bucs team ever.. DEFENSIVELY NO! Barber , Brooks , Lynch , Sapp , Rice , Kelly , Quarles , Singleton, McFarland…. Need I say more???

Remain Nameless Reply

Yes. Mike Evans- beast, Brate – underrated beast, Chris hands got glue Godwin – beast, Antonio ahhhhh Brown – beast, Scotty too hotty miller hasn’t failed Tampa beast, Gronkowski beast, Rojo even hurt hes beast, Fournette beast, Tom Brady is cherry on top. If this group plus o line is oiled and gassed up Tampa bay homies they are going for it all.

opposite horse Reply

Amazing how much difference just a great QB alone makes, much less with all this superstar talent around him.

Mr Slinkey Reply


Rafael Velasquez Reply

This is exactly why Legends like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady stand alone as the G.O.A.T. They bring out the best in every player… they improve their game in areas unbeknownst to us 💯🏆🔥

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