Corey Ballentine: Happy to Play Wherever He’s Needed | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Corey Ballentine: Happy to Play Wherever He’s Needed | New York Giants

Cornerback Corey Ballentine talks about his mentality heading into his second year, competing for the starting job, and the communication in the DB room.

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New York Giants Reply

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Victor P Reply

Whoever the idiot was that tried to connect Bakers gun charge and Ballentine getting shot last year needs to have their press pass revoked.

    Chris Whelan Reply

    Thought the same thing

    BiGBluERuLes100 Reply

    Morons in the media some of them are not good at there job.

    Kevin Pottackal Reply

    they let anyone be a beat writer nowadays

    Tirtho Chakroborty Reply

    Patty asks valid questions no cap she’s the only reporter i like

    Kevin Pottackal Reply

    @Tirtho Chakroborty Duggan and Stapleton are good too

Go Giants4 Reply

Whoever asked the question an the gun incident with Ballantine last year and bakers legal issues this year should be fired immediately

Troutsinds1 Troutsinds1 Reply

Love this guy

HarryArms88 Reply

I think Corey is going to have a great year if given the chance


Some of these reporters need to be fired! There’s dumb questions and then there’s flat out reactionary BS

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted Reply

0:56 peachy

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