Cooler Talk: Previewing Texans vs. Jets – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tony Yayo

Is Keke Coutee ever gonna play again or is he another Devier Posey, Jaelon Strong, and KeShawn Martin?

    chris madsen

    It’s a hamstring. Gets reinjured easily if recovering. Probably won’t be 100% til next year

    Arthur Stelly

    Sammy should be playing

    Max Vasquez

    We could’ve used Jalen Strong the Colt killer last week.

    Brandon R

    For sure man, he has to fully recover so a few months and hell be 100%

Matthew Briner

Texans fans in Nebraska!!!!

Doobie Howser

I don’t think we will see D’onta Foreman play this season I think it’s more of a conditioning thing getting him up too speed too replace Lamar goin forward

Edward Granados

How is your headset not plugged in and you’re voice is still being recorded?! 🤔 WTF is going on?

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