Cooler Talk: Previewing Texans vs. Jags – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Texans12012 Fortnite Reply

I’m going to be there. Go Texans!!!

    Texans12012 Fortnite Reply

    HTX 713 I will be super loud

    Deandre Ray Reply

    Texans12012 Fortnite colts or titans win that division

    HTX 713 Reply

    @Deandre Ray You obviously don’t knowmuch about football if you really thought the Colts or Titans were going to win the division😂😂😂 I really hope your just a Texans hater cuz if thats not the case you should keep your football opinions to yourself cuz your very misguidin💯✊✌

    Fearsom NateDogg Reply

    I was there

Alex Green Reply


J.S. Friedman Reply

Any championship team, like the Patriots, brings back the same players they had before (no matter what the age) and that’s why they keep winning. Did the Jaguars do this after the 2017 season, so they could be successful in 2018, no the Jaguars owners don’t pay the players, that’s why they are very rarely good. Prove me wrong if you can

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