Cooler Talk: Previewing Texans vs. Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Wuzi Mu

i wish it would actually start when it actually starts

Alex Green


Alejandro Sifuentes


    Greg Rivers

    Lol, i knew he looked familiar

    phreshly snipes

    He looks just like him😂😂😂😂😂

John Brennan

Upset this Sunday. Brownies are hot

Jeramie Martinez

Can’t wait till Donta Foreman is back playing with him in high schol as a stingray was awesome but seing him as a Texan he will break records here and take us all the way

    Beaux Dup

    I hope your right about Foreman, what highschool? Texas City? The only thing is his injury is hard to come back from, however he could still get there because he is young.

    Jeramie Martinez

    Yea texas city he will his motor never stops

cold spring

sorry …but how many did the Dolphins win in a row when they went undefeated?

    ali hasan

    cold spring after going 0-3 is what he forgot to say

    Greg Rivers

    Y’all aren’t listening. He did say after going 0-3

RC Knight

Texans D is too strong for the Browns.
Texans 27 – Browns 13

Adolfo Palacio

What up houston Texans love u guys

    Teah Palacio

    What’s up brother

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