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Coming Off the Bye Week | Seahawks Daily reporter Jackie Montgomery reports on the Seattle Seahawks coming off their bye week and now heading into Week 7 to prepare to take on the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix. Head coach Pete Carroll shares a handful of injury updates and dives into how the team took advantage of the bye week.

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JUSTUSxβ€” Reply

first! go hawks!!

MGD Reply

Seahawks, Super Bowl?πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    uCantHop inMyCar Reply

    Just take it one game at a time

    OmarPlays Game Reply


    Preston lands Reply

    I hope

    MGD Reply

    @Yesika Velasquez dude all those teams only have 1win except the jets and we already have played trash teams like the Vikings

    206legend Reply


FxreFN Reply


FxreFN Reply


    Adeptus Astartes Reply

    Perfect season ends in a Superbowl win πŸ™‚
    Regular season doesn’t get you a run! 12-4 is fine if you win the big one!

    Spicy SpdYT Reply

    Our upcoming schedule looks pretty easy ngl

    Seattle808 Reply

    @Spicy SpdYT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Snowwy_pill Reply

Let’s go!! Hawks

De'Marco Staley Reply

GO HAWKS πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’š

Ethan Cai Reply


I hope Jamal Adams plays this week. πŸ™

    Jose Gonzalez Reply

    He is πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™ (hopefully)

    MGD Reply

    He should

    Caleb Marfil Reply

    Me too let’s Beat the Cardinals!

    mcfrickenwatcher Reply

    he is, probably

Music Kingdom Reply

Hopefully the defense can perform better this week with Snack and Adams.

    drxcy Reply

    @Chanel Bands he’s talking about the next sunday

    XS0sa Reply

    @Grim_reapercy We won’t be dead waste.

    eriksports Reply

    I would not expect Snacks to play or contribute this week.

    VIPKILLERX23 Reply

    What about jordyn

    Shane Hafner Reply

    I have a feeling both Snacks and Adams will be out vs AZ. It’s a bummer but no need to get them out there if they aren’t ready. Our games vs AZ have came at a cost for the past few years. They don’t have Chandler Jones to disrupt the line and attack Russ but Budda Baker is a monster.



Eian2K Reply

12th man: SEA 12th man: HAWKS

Ζ€Ζ–Ζ“Π„OՈ Reply

I hope we snag the 6-0 and maybe even the 7-0, but things have got to change and boy, they are…
Cardinals completely destroyed Cowboys yesterday with 38 – 10 win so we can’t underestimate them under any circumstances no matter how good we are.
Jamal and Snacks need to join us and reinforce the defense, or we’re gonna have a terrible time trying to contain Kyler Murray.
Let’s win this for Dallas… Go Hawks!

    FN- Zenoz Reply

    Plus against that bad cowboys defense

    Ζ€Ζ–Ζ“Π„OՈ Reply

    @FN- Zenoz I actually feel bad for Dallas, they were playing fine, then they lost Dak, and now they’ve got a terrible team that’s got an offense level with the Jets. Lets win this for them!

    Aneesh Anand Reply

    All we have to do is double DeAndre Hopkins and we win the game.

    Ζ€Ζ–Ζ“Π„OՈ Reply

    @Aneesh Anand As we see from the first quarter when the ball was just going back and forth and the Cowboys still had a “chance”, Hopkins wasn’t getting many yards due to the number of incompletions. That proves that Murray isn’t the best thrower. We use that as our advantage and force him to have to waltz into our barricade. But Murray runs out of time to run, and Jamal and the other tacklers swarm around him and bring him down

    mcfrickenwatcher Reply

    cowboys didnt have dak though,

Thebebop Reply

The next 5 games are going to be the hardest part of the schedule, GO HAWKS!

    mcfrickenwatcher Reply

    true, ansd then its beack to easy against the jets, redsk- or i mean the washington football team, eagles etc

Los Cartel Reply

Seahawks, the offense is looking elite so keep that up BUT DEFENSE needs hella work like please bro motivated them we need to go 6-0 !!! Russ needs mvp and a other superbowl ring please defense HELP

DylanPlayz RBLX Reply


DylanPlayz RBLX Reply

Jamal adams I hope you feel better as my fav safety and ye hope you feel good

Cory Campbell Reply

The Seattle Seahawks will make it to the Super Bowl πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Ζ€Ζ–Ζ“Π„OՈ Reply

    There’s definitely a chance we can make it. However, there’s soo much room for improvement for both the offense and the defense. We’re approaching the hardest stretch of our schedules, so this is it!

Alabama Fever Reply

The Cardinals can be a scary team. They “upset” the 49ers in week 1. Maybe they are the better team against the 49ers this year, who knows?I trust the Seahawks coaching staff to make the needed adjustments to get the W against Arizona! Go Hawks!

Andrei Sison Reply

Defense has got to be ready to play this week. Cardinals have always given us trouble but adding Hopkins!? Boys better be prepared. Go Hawks

C2l3TlA// Reply

I have a feeling the Cardinals game will be the toughest for Seattle yet. Division game where the Cardinals are coming in amped up from their domination last game.

Joe Bloe Reply

: (of a person) slender and elegant.

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