Colts vs. Falcons: Frank Reich Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Will Simmonds Reply

Do the colts follow on Instagram @wsimmonds10

Gregory Lawson Reply


Caden Janssen Reply


Evan Watson Reply

Great game by our boys in blue, time to focus on Oakland and hope to take the division lead this weekend, Hooker out for 4-6 weeks goin to hurt be we got this #bleedblue💙

Phil Sinex Reply

Frank Reich is such a great coach.
Go Colts!

Des Nutz Reply

It was an exciting game

Apex Funny Moments Reply

Our defense is scaring me… we’ve got to get around a 17 point average

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Apex Funny Moments yeah, hopefully they start blitzing more because last week they got absolutely 0 pressure. I feel like they weren’t as aggressive without Leonard Sheard and with a big lead

Brayton Nicholas Reply

We should sign Eric Berry especially with the Chiefs coming up

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Brayton Nicholas yes

Almost Counts Gaming Reply

I hate to say it……but we should make a serious offer for Jalen Ramsey…..i know he might come with some drama…..and its a risk for the 1 or 2 first rounders he would cost….but we would be adding the best corner in the game and taking him away from a team we play twice a year. He would solidify our secondary and heavily reduce points allowed. But yea……..tough decision to make…..but with Hooker down now i think we need to make it if we wanna make a SB run. Just my opinion.

    AJ Williams Reply

    Unless we made them a ridiculous offer the Jags are not gonna trade their best player to a division rival.

    Almost Counts Gaming Reply

    @AJ Williams i do agree its unlikely…..but i think they should try……you dangle 2 1st round picks in front of someone and no becomes yes pretty fast lol. I think hes worth it. We have the money to pay him and our secondary has been an issue for far to long. The minute we look as if were ok an injury happens. If our defense could shut down the pass game better we wouldn’t have to play catch up or risk as many 4th qtr combacks against us. Ramsey is still young and one of if not the best at his position. Hes worth a 1st rounder or 2 in my opinion.

    Dwyane Wade Reply

    inter division trades are very rare. And everything Ballard stands for in a player Ramsey doesn’t have. He looks for character, doesn’t quite mesh well with us, idc how good he is. if he didn’t believe in our secondary he would’ve made an offer for minkah

    Dan Pfaffenberger Reply

    I disagree. The thing Ballard and Reich have fought so hard for is character and chemistry. Jalen Ramsey doesn’t fit. Aside from the fact it wouldn’t happen anyway.

    I do agree the defense is a problem right now, but at this point in 2006 it was more of a problem and that team won a super bowl.

    Almost Counts Gaming Reply

    @Dan Pfaffenberger Yea but we also had Bob Sanders in 06 lol. Dude was a monster.

Peter Lewis Reply

Early days …

Lee Shelvin Reply

I’ll say it again, we have a leader of men in Reich and Ballard. I feel very confident in the gameplan and team they assemble.

C/o99 RamsFan Reply

Normally I only follow my team but I can’t help but be drawn to this team. This team could be special and I love the chemistry, I felt bad when luck retired but I see the future is bright!

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    C/o99 RamsFan Goff is probably one of my favorite QB’s

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