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Man, we did so well today, but our kickers goofed up. Impressed w/ our performance tho!


    The Memer gg

    Ty Bell

    The Memer gg

    A.C. B. ART

    “Our”…”we”..?? YOU didn’t do anything but yell at YOUR tv, homes…


    @A.C. B. ART

    – ahem –

    No, u.

Josue Tejada

This game proved a couple of things. 1. Chargers may be okay without Melvin Gordon 2. I actually have faith in Brissett don’t know why a lot of people doubted him

    Justin W

    @carsonc29 That’s a 77% completion percentage. Just calm down and let the rest of the season unfold, for better or worse.


    @Justin W not to impressive when most passes are 5 yard slants and screen passes LOL

    Edwin Owens

    @Austin Mitchell Jackson is a better back Ekler has improved running between tbe tackles tho and getting north and south… U can thank Jackson for that. Same thing Tua did making Hurts better

    Edwin Owens

    @Gold3n Pooptart his job is to put them in a position to score and he did that more than enough to get the W

    Justin W

    @carsonc29 Dude, then I don’t understand your crap angle. So I guy has to 77% on only 15+ yard passes in the first game to start the year in order to say he played well/solidly? Short passing predominates anyhow nowadays. You are unintentionally creating the narrowest of ranges with which to judge a still newish QB. Did he play poorly? No. Did he shatter our entire conception of quarterbacking? No. Just let the season unfold.


Don’t count the Colts out after this game. Vinatieri costed them 7 points and the game

    Carson Reidy

    @Joffy Joffa nah, Colts got going that’s why the Chargers kept making “stupid mistakes.” That game was ours, our run defense just couldn’t hold up 🤷‍♂️

    Joffy Joffa

    @Carson Reidy Oh and you CLAIM that game was yours yet the colts never led OUNCE in that game
    😂😂😂😂. Anyone with common since can see the Chargers had that game and started screwing it up. PLEASE stop lol


This one is on Adam Vinatieri…. left 7 points off the board. Last I checked Andrew Luck doesn’t kick field goals.

    John Gotti

    Justiceorelse you realize how old he is? I don’t care if he’s a kicker the Colts should get a new one.

    Scott Choate

    @John Gotti yes i agree.

    Apex Funny Moments

    John Gotti Who cares how old he is. His age didn’t affect those kicks. He obviously kicked it far enough, accuracy is a technique/mental issue not a physical one. Just had an off day.

Ryan Estrada

Thank you chargers for not breaking my heart.


    @Chris Alcantar Agree, I’m glad we have learned from our mistakes but my gosh did it take so much heartbreak.

    kyree robbins

    They will in do time lol

    Paul Naranjo

    I am an original SD Charger fan since 1962….just give it time…

    CocoaPuff3ss Rat

    Bolttttttt tf up

    Dat Mex Boi

    @Paul Naranjo when do you predict a super bowl win?

ann Craig

Great game Bolts & Colts Chargers Defense needs work giving up too many rushing yards close game..

    Legend__ 21

    @jasona9 facts bro and our o line did decent except for #78 our LT…he needs to be cut asap

    Legend__ 21

    @Tay McCullough facts brother💯…i miss derwin too, we just need to learn how to tackle and at least contain offenses till he returns💯

    Rouskey Carpel

    ann Craig The colts run defense was good utility OT.The chargers run defense got gutted the whole game.


    Colts fans might be the most respectable fans.

    jay L

    give credit to Mack. that man helped their comeback in the second half


Can’t believe 72% of people didn’t started Rivers in yahoo fantasy football….

Clearly they forgot who the man is.

EDIT: Thanks for the over 100 likes!! First time one of my comment got that much. ^_^


    @David Lin , You’ll never go wrong with Patrick Mahomes. That guy has a cannon for an arm.

    The Discussion

    jay L he does tho lol.

    jhedane walters

    That’s because I had Lamar on the field

    Josh Ecksteen

    Wentz did better lol

    Tuxedo Mechanic

    @MansaRA It got quiet real fast. What I miss?


Fair play my colts played well today considering we’ve lost luck. Just hope to see the effort carry on this season

    Michael Taylor

    Can’t tell what type of luck your talking about 😂

    Chad Nolan

    The Colts are still in it, solid team.

    Hunter Whitaker

    jeeveso I guess you can say… the colts ran out of Luck! (I’m sorry I had to)


    You guys have a lot of reasons to be optimistic. You guys almost got a come from behind wind against a playoff caliber team.

Moses C

defense is not the same without derwin james

    Chris Alcantar

    @Cruizee 87 mebane kinda messed us up in the patriots in the playoffs he hadnt played and we were doing good then he comes back and the patriots run all over us

    JBUZ D

    @ADM trent Scott was killing us too
    They need to replace him.


    @Prince Zane he will be back in a couple months

    Phillip rolle

    JBUZ D it’s crazy how they say Forrest lamp is our strongest lineman and probably one of our best options on the line but never gets any playing time.

    Phillip rolle

    We need to put the rookies in there, that’s what we drafted them for so let them get some PT. It would’ve been nice to see Tillery, adderley, lamp, hell even Perryman. I don’t understand what the philosophy is with PT but, others need it because if we live with And are satisfied with what we doing, we’re gonna die slowly but surely. Colts should have won this game.

Timothy Distel

Thank you Ekeler for saving my fantasy team this week

    badr khattab

    Ikr… He brought them points to the boardddd!!! Hopefully even next week

    Austin Mitchell

    I had Ekeler and Watkins on my bench 💀


    Austin Mitchell that’s like saying u put Mahomes and Kamara on the bench

    Jose Mandujano

    He actually allowed my opponent to have a 40 point comeback on me 🤦‍♂️ should’ve started Dak and Gallup other Kirk and Thielen 😩🤦‍♂️

    Matthew De Los Santos

    Big facts 😂😂


Chargers defense definitely needs work. Also Rivers needs better protection; the pocket kept collapsing

    Tristan Ethridge

    @Michael Wall lol who is your team, Rivers is easily a top 5 qb

    Tristan Ethridge

    @jay L you previously stated that the colts did not hardly pressure rivers, they did.

    jay L

    ​@Tristan Ethridge where do you think the colts got 2 of their 4 sacks from? the left tackle.

    jay L

    @Michael Wall ask Blake Bortles about arm strength, one of the best in the business when it comes to that. QB is all about intelligences


    Too be fair the chargers were missing Denzel Perryman, Derwin James, Trevor Williams & Michael Davis.


everybody worried about the new qb… and the old kicker killed us 🏈


    Colts will be alright with their new QB


    Hes had a great career, but it sounds like someone may need to hang it up after the season.

    markease adams

    @Joffy Joffa They don’t look like they denying it but 7 points taking off means actually if he had made it there probably wouldn’t be no overtime. Brissett did his thing, so did Marlon Mack. The kicker lost the game for them

Derek Johansen or something

Aight…who tied up Vinatieri and replaced him with this guy??

    Kaden Kullberg

    @Werecompkid Fallowthesquad 100kmannyy ynl.quando if he made those we would have won but it was still a gg

    Brandon Ohara

    Lol for real geesh

    Brandon Ohara

    Yeah by far the worst game I’ve ever seen him play.

    Damon Briggs

    @ShadowCat I know I remember when he was a rookie for my team i likehim a lot as a all time great I also remember mark moseley mort Anderson gary Anderson altime great kickers who played beyond there age this was what happened to them befor they knew it was time to hang it up


7:46 Gotta be one of the best one-handed INTs I’ve ever seen.


    That Cromartie was talented, I remember his 109 yard return of a missed FG. Didn’t like to tackle much

    Jeremy Johnson

    L T relax dude, wasn’t serious about everyone being wrong lol all in fun

    Jeremy Johnson

    John-boy Ohh yea forgot that was him! He was exciting but you’re right, he couldn’t tackle and he was a POS off the field and sometimes in the locker room

    jared b



    Brent Grimes’ pick against Megatron was a nasty one too


classic chargers, always have to make the outcome so dramatic

    Don Soulo

    @Kaden Kullberg yeeeaa at this point it’s all shoulda coulda woulda. Colts played better than expected injuries on both sides to key players

    Paul Naranjo

    Yep, that’s how they roll. Have NEVER had the killer instinct that real championship teams possess.

    Water Demon Gaming

    @Tony Rossi traitor

    CocoaPuff3ss Rat

    Gotta love it tho😂😂😂

    Karloz Aguilar

    Why go to the gym when you can watch the chargers get yo heart rate even faster burn more calories ..

Brandon Brown

Time to put old man Vinny in a home.

    Professor Statisyahu

    Brandon Brown 3 meals a day and bingo at 4:30 after dinner.

Kyle Stansbury

Did the Chargers just win a game due to bad kicking? I am pretty sure the opposite usually happens

    Garrett Wood

    Yes, that is indeed what happened. For once we were on the positive side of kicking woes.

    Hunter Whitaker

    Kyle Stansbury lmao last season it wasn’t too bad

    Garrett Wood

    @Hunter Whitaker but every other year it was brutal. God Bless the Money Badger.

    Lynnette Sanchez

    Big facts bro


    Kyle Stansbury, Yes I had Caleb Sturgis and Younghoe Koo flashbacks today. I feel sorry for Colt fans because I know EXACTLY how they feel. Still, glad the Chargers won the opener at home!

Brad Underwood

Coming from an Eagles fan I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Chargers. I grew up watching Dan Fouts and air Coryell. I got mad respect for Philip Rivers! Good luck to the Chargers this year!

    Is Az

    Eagles 🦅 fan also. I always look out for the chargers. They’re a nice humble franchise.

    Leo Dancor

    @1234 56789 That would be a shock considering how much better the Chiefs and Patriots are 😂

    bruce wayne

    @Leo Dancor chiefs are not better😂 stop sucking them off. Chargers have a defense and offense chiefs only got offense..

    Leo Dancor

    @bruce wayne Only reason they didn’t lose to a backup QB was Vinatieri and the garbage call on Ebron’s TD catch. Overrated.

Jeremiah Geiger


curious pug

vinatieri probably played his last game of football.
(well, at least with colts)

    xBacon Grizzler69

    Eh, I don’t think so. One bad game isn’t gonna get him cut. If he continues to do that he might just retire during the season though.

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